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Tips to win easy Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile

Chicken Dinner, also known as Chicken Dinner, is the TOP 1 position that many gamers aim for whether it is PUBG PC or Mobile version, but this attractive position is not always easy for gamers to achieve. easy, to be able to climb to TOP 1 PUBG. You have to master the principles of the game, use your tactical ability, observe … and many things to achieve the title of Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

PUBG Chicken Dinner

Here are the tips that has gathered for you, with these tips, you can apply in the game to combine a little more element of your own skill is your race to TOP 1 position in the game will be greatly shortened.

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Tips to help you win Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile

1. Don’t be too happy after your first win

PUBG Mobile

On PUBG Mobile, a few things have been made easier than the PC version, such as the ease of the game or the recoil of the gun, there are certainly times when you encounter dumbfounded enemies like “stunned” Hold a gun shot in front of you, and the way they shoot will be in the style of shooting birds, not at you, you can easily take them down with only the weakest gun.

But don’t think that these are new players in the game, they are actually bots, not real players, but why did the publisher do it, it is because of wanting to encourage the players. new in the first game so they won’t be as discouraged as playing on PC. Only when you have “enough feathers to cover” then will you be able to fight real gamers.

2. Use lean mode

PUBG Mobile

In PUBG Mobile version, you will not be able to lean if you have not enabled this feature in the game Settings, this is quite a useful feature when it allows you to still fully see which direction the opponent is in but in any direction. not so that the enemy could see too much of her body,

As a result, you will easily destroy the target without letting the enemy give too much damage to you, however, you should use this feature while indoors, because if you are hiding in a tree on the outside, you will be limited in movement. And then this feature won’t be of much help to you.

3. Make use of existing grenades

PUBG Mobile

Grenades seem to be the least used thing, but when you meet them you will pick them up, the grenades in the game include smoke grenades, explosive grenades and stun grenades. If you know how to make use of them, they will be incredibly effective.

For example, in some fighting cases like the enemy is hiding in the house, maybe a team is entrenched indoors and shoot, of course the whole team, the level of bullets will be dense when fired. show you. Now take advantage of two types of smoke grenades and explosive grenades, throw a smoke grenade right in front of your eyes and find a way to retreat if you can not fight back.

As for explosive grenades that have a similar situation, just throw at 2 indoors that the whole enemy team can “measure the ground”, in addition to the stun grenade you can take advantage of when fighting indoors, Throwing it out and letting the enemy see it will temporarily blind and blind the enemy.

4. All houses have no glass

PUBG Mobile

This is something that many gamers do not notice when playing the game, for some reason, the construction team of PUBG Mobile removes all the windows in all the houses. This is far from the version of PUBG PC, on PC, many gamers reveal their location just because they let the enemy hear the sound of glass breaking when banging the door and climbing out.

If you’re lucky, that gamer can run away from the enemy’s ambush, otherwise, shrink in the “coffin” and play a new game, on PUBG Mobile, it’s different, the player can climb over and over. Back the windows in the house without fear of sound, so you can take advantage of this to climb into the house instead of going in through the main door, much faster but very convenient to run.

5. Run around in the middle of the field without fear of being attacked

PUBG Mobile

On the PC and Xbox versions this is taboo, because anyways, the controls of the two versions above can easily turn you into lucrative prey when you’re in no hiding place, but On the mobile version, you can move so freely in the middle of the field, or somewhere with no obstacles to hide.

Simply because the control mechanism on Mobile will be very difficult to aim at moving targets, so even long-range enemies will be very difficult to finish you off quickly, not to mention soldiers. snipers will be blood-eaten or attacked by other players, so they will not be able to “camp” continuously in one place, if you find a vehicle at this time then destroy your opponent in the same place. Such places would be downright easy.

6. It is recommended to use Flash Hider or Suppressor

When playing the PC or Xbox version, usually the monitors used for gaming will be 24 inches or more, or play rather than the large ones with 2K or 4K resolution, at this point spotting the items. on the screen is very easy if you are too familiar with the game.

However on Mobile, the screen size of the phone will be the limitation to be able to detect the enemies and counterattack them, if they are near you can also see the sparks emitted by the enemy’s weapons. If the enemy used Flash Hider, at this time, it was difficult to locate the enemy.

Not to mention the most powerful accessory is the Suppressor, if either of these accessories is used to attack you, then you can just jump up like a diamond and find a place to hide if you want to continue the journey. find Chicken Dinner.

PUBG Mobile

Above are a few tips for TOP 1 PUBG Mobile that you can apply while playing, hope you will combine the tips above to win and find your Chicken Dinner.

Good luck!

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