Tips for unlocking Moden Warfare Damascus camo

Tips for unlocking Moden Warfare Damascus camo

If you are a Call of Duty Moden Warefare player or simply play Warzone, you must have recognized the Damascus skin. This is considered a challenge as well as a valuable reward for players to pursue.

Admittedly, players will put in a lot of work to unlock Damascus. However, if you are a normal player, this is not too difficult.

Modern Warfare gamers plowing for Damascus will be handsomely rewarded

As you know, Damascus can only be unlocked by reaching Platinum in every weapon class which can only be obtained after obtaining all the Gold camos of that class by completing all the challenges of each weapon.

The first thing to make the process of unlocking Damascus easy is that you have to own the game. Yes you can still do it in Warzone but it will take a lot of your time and effort.

The second thing to make this process easier is that you should play Hardcore mode. This mode will make it easier for you to complete challenges, and turn even the weakest guns into great finishing tools.

In my opinion, the two best weapons are the shield and rocket launcher. And if you are a not very good or below average player, sometimes you will find Sniper and pistol will also be very difficult. My advice to you is that if you guys are making pistols and shields then Hardcore is the mode you should play.

Killing with a knife or shield while injured can be difficult, as sometimes the game won’t accept you for a kill when your health is low or dying too easily. In this regard, you should “enter herdcore with thermite and take 2 tic damage. Any kills during that time will count because your health doesn’t heal in HC.”

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As for the challenge of killing three people in one life with a shield, the best way is to chat and call for help from friendly players on the opposing side. Otherwise, you should play hardcore shipment, camp yourself in a safe position and wait for the enemy to be careless, don’t forget to equip Dead slient!

As for rocket launcher, it’s not that difficult, it just takes more time than other weapons. I encourage you to play Hardpoint to earn kills and Dropzone to do killStreak.

As for the remaining weapons, it’s not too difficult in my opinion, it all depends on your ability and level.

In addition, a few more best tips are indicated below:

  • Shipment 24/7 is where you will get 99% done with sniper and marksman guns. The amount of kills it eats is what makes it on this list.
  • You can get a Longshot kill in Shoothouse, all you need to do is go to the middle and shoot.
  • When eating network attacker/defender at hardpoint. When you or your opponent is on the mission target, it will count both. With JOKR, if you stand at point C and return the item to point A, it will count both.
  • Longshot for SMG can be difficult, should be done in hardcore.
  • Put [Camos] in your clan tag to avoid trouble.

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