Tips for playing Swing Copters game with high scores

Following the success of the version Flappy Bird popular around the world. Swing Coopters by Nguyen Ha Dong has not been released for a long time, but it is also causing a fever for netizens. You can download versions for both iOS and Android platforms to experience the attraction of this game.

When starting the game will have the main interface as follows:

Tips for playing Swing Copters game with high scores

Surely the first time you play you will lose immediately, because when you first start the game you only see a guide icon Tap (as shown in the picture). And no matter how you tap, the guy with the fan on his head will head left or right.

Very inhibited, isn’t it guys, playing forever but the score is just a round 0!!!

Tips for playing Swing Copters game to score high

So you need tap the screen so that it is regular (Regular and reasonable tap time, you need a time to experience the game to draw your own experience) and tilt the device back and forth. The skillful combination of these two actions will make the character have a stable flight path, just a rhythm of the propeller will swing and rush into the obstacles that are the crossbars and dangling dumbbells. And… what’s to come Game Over!!!

Tips for playing Swing Copters game with high scores

In fact, how to play this game is relatively easy, but conquering to get a high score is not easy at all.

In short, when playing Swing Coopters you need to pay attention to some of the following tips:

  • Play the game together.
  • Tap gently and steadily.
  • Stay calm in front of obstacles.
  • When this guy flies to the left, you tap will change direction to the right and vice versa.
  • The guy in the game flies along a zigzag path.
  • Keep calm or you will be so inhibited that you want to throw the phone.

You can refer to the following video tutorials:

Hope you get a really high score in this Swing Coopters game!

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