Tips and tricks for playing Power Rangers Battle for the Grid

With the exciting announcement of Robert “RJ” James (Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger), Lauren Shiba (Red Samurai Ranger), plus an upcoming villain in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, let’s take a quick look at some of them. essential game mechanics before you jump into the fray.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is a 3v3 duel game, reminiscent of games like Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Dragonball FighterZ but with simpler controls. Getting started is always easy, but you still need practice and a little knowledge to compete with the best. Therefore, do not ignore the following Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid game tips and tricks.

Power rangers battle for the gird

Guide to playing Power Rangers for newbies

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Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Game Tips.

1. Build a squad of 3 characters.

The nature of the game allows you to succeed with most character combinations and Megazords, so if you’re new to the fighting experience, don’t worry, experiment with whichever character you think you are. the quality is cool.

But if you’re a competitive fighting gamer, you’ll probably want to opt for a well-balanced roster with supports to enhance your playstyle. A combination of character archetypes can give you an advantage thanks to a supportive takeover mechanic. That means you can instantly swap leader with a character better equipped to handle the strategy you’re up against. A strong and well-balanced team like Tommy Oliver, Jason Lee Scott, and Mastodon Sentry would be a good place to start learning the mechanics of the game.

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meow and win the game power rangers battle for the grid for everyone

Whether you want a balanced lineup or if you want to throw the Ranger trio and your favorite villains into the fray, you’re sure to always have a few great power combinations.

2. Analyze attacks and combos.

Like most 3v3 duels, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid uses a Light/Medium/Heavy/Special attack system. As a general rule, you can chain any normal attack to itself (called a Target Combo) or to one of the larger powers. Light > Medium > Heavy > Special is the standard attack sequence from any position (standing, crouching and jumping).

Power rangers battle for the grid game guide

Since attacks and moves are all done with one or two buttons in combination, you can focus on movement, distance, and combo timing. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid’s elusive point is its free-form combo system. Dissecting a combo can be very complex, with nearly limitless creative potential due to its gentle juggling system. Better yet, look up a few combo videos to get ideas.

Power rangers battle for the grid game is best understood

3. The ultimate AntiAir.

Each character possesses at least one AntiAir that is designed to escape jumping attacks when precisely timed. These are also “unstoppable in the air” attacks, and if your AntiAir is timed correctly, you can certainly teach your opponent a lesson for life. Check the list of in-game commands in the pause menu to find out your character’s AntiAir attack.

4. EX Attack.

Power rangers battle for the grid tutorial for beginners

EX attacks are invincible moves performed with the Light + Special attack combo, consuming one of your Super bars. If you’re under pressure and predict that an enemy will attack you, the Light + Special combo is a good idea to blow up your opponent’s attack line. EX attacks can also be quite risky, as they easily harm you when blocked.

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5. Super Attack – Super damage.

Launch a Heavy + Special attack with at least 2 Super bars to unleash the character’s strongest attack ability, called Super Attack. The name says it all, it deals super damage. Almost any attack can be canceled into a Super Attack (including EX attacks).

6. Take advantage of support characters.

Call for support whenever your leader is active and you can summon help without having to stop your attacks. Press one of your 2 help buttons to have 1 of 2 support characters jump into the fray and launch their special attacks. Note that there is a cooldown after each summon, so use your support character wisely.

how to play power rangers battle for the grid

After the support is over, you can change the leader and continue to call support with the corresponding buttons. This is incredibly powerful and is the defining mechanic of the game. With a “cultivation” course, you will be able to perform a continuous wave of attacks from many directions and many characters.

7. Megazord Ultra.

With the introduction of a new Magazord scale in update 2.3 (Season 3), the Megazord Ultra trigger conditions have been improved. Press 2 assist buttons (with at least 2 MZ gauges) to summon your selected Megazord, to get help. While summoned, 3 basic attacks (Light, Medium, and Heavy) command your massive cavalry to perform a unique attack like hurling a longsword with a deadly lightning field. high injury.

8 best power rangers battle for the grid game for everyone

8. Defense techniques.

Tired of being locked, blocking the attack chain? Cast a Special immediately after blocking an attack that knocks back the enemy, this will give you some space.

On defense, you’ll also have to worry about being thrown and learning how to counter is just as important as learning how to repel attacks. Throw is an attack that cannot be blocked at close range. It not only tests your reaction time but also your ability to “read” your opponent. You can resist this attack by using your own throw command at the time you are thrown.

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The article has given you the basics of fighting in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid and you can discover much more during the game. In addition, Rocket Arena is also a good game, you can also refer to it How to play Rocket Arena From the publisher to better understand the gameplay of the game here. Wish you have fun playing the game.

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