This is the sword that is driving Fortnite players crazy in the 1 million dollar tournament

Today, Epic released a brand new weapon in FortniteName “Infinity Blade“. This sword possesses the same power as the gauntlet Infinity Gauntlet in the crossover event with the previous Avengers, granting its owner great powers that can “weigh the whole world”. Gauntlet is only part of the finite time mode, but Infinity Blade is part of the basic system of the game. And more formidable is this sword of destruction that appeared right before the final of the million dollar tournament.


Single swords usually appear at the beginning of the match. It creates health and shield, doubles its movement speed, and deals 75 damage that can destroy matter in an instant. That’s not all, the sword’s second tier attack can also deal massive damage to populations.

Infinity Blade just released this morning, so today’s North American Winter Royale finalists hardly had much time to prepare in advance. Professional gamers quickly grasped the overwhelming power of this sword, so early game heated skirmishes have now turned into merciless massacres. Player Psalms used Infinity Blade and ended the battle like a drama with 7 kills in less than a minute. You can watch the video below, or on Twitter by Psalm here.

Psalm closed the first round of the tournament with 17 points – a monumental number that seemed insurmountable. In a post-match interview, Psalm shared that this sword isn’t invincible, just that the player hasn’t really gotten used to it yet. (Though I don’t know if they can really get used to it with just a few hours of preparation.)

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On Twitter, Palm posted a very “reconciliatory” post. He wrote: “Sorry guys. I just wanted to show everyone that the sword is a very silly weapon.” Palm explained, saying bad things about the game in an interview right after the game “didn’t sound very good”. In a comment to a pro gamer, Palm said: “I also feel sorry for the people who “killed” in the game, but I have to show the whole community how destructive this thing is. I have to destroy 5000 material points with just a few slashes, endgame”.

Epic has yet to make an official announcement about Infinity Blade other than a well-known bug list on Reddit. Some gamers were upset by Epic’s “trick” when it released such a heavy update right before the tournament.


The publisher has invested a huge amount of money in Fortnite esports, but perhaps to build a healthy competitive environment, money is not everything. Round 2 of the season is about to begin, the finals will take place tomorrow. Let’s wait and see if gamers can solve the Infinity Blade problem.​

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