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Thirteen suspects of Hack Game were arrested in Korea, “burdened” with a fine of 230 million VND

In the past few days, the gaming community has been gloating when the Chinese police officially arrested 15 Hackers for developing and distributing unauthorized tools in Battle Royale products, including PUBG. These 15 Hackers are responsible for operating 2 Hack/Cheat tool distribution lines and will have to pay up to 5.1 million USD for their actions.

However, when this information has not subsided, the Korean government immediately announced the arrest of 13 other hackers in their country. It is known that this is the result of cooperation between Blizzard Korea and the Digital Crime Prevention Division of the Seoul National Police Department.


According to the official announcement, out of the 13 hackers arrested, 1 received a 2-year suspended sentence and 1 had to pay compensation up to 10 thousand dollars, which is about 230 million VND. The remaining 11 are still awaiting trial. Korean authorities said the arrest of 13 hackers for the crime of developing illegal tools in the game FPS Overwatch is the result of a lengthy investigation that began in January last year.

This arrest also shows that Korean law is extremely strict with the issue of Hack/Cheat in games, especially e-sports games. In July of last year, the government of this country tightened its laws when targeting those who create Hack/Cheat or distribute them to players. The maximum sentence that a person must receive if violating will be a compensation of $ 50,000 and 7 years in prison.


Hopefully other countries will take this as a premise to build their own set of laws that can help the game develop more and the game community become cleaner. All relevant information will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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