The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Township

Can speak, Township is one of the most popular farm and city building games today because the game possesses cute graphics and simple, entertaining gameplay. If you don’t know how to play Township, you can refer to the basic guide below of EmergenceInGame.

First of all, let’s proceed to grow rice or corn by selecting any brown piece of land and then pressing and holding the icon of rice or corn and dragging it to the boxes in that land to plant. In turn, sow in each plot of the land until the end. After a period of time, you will take the sickle to the field to harvest the crops that you have sown.

Growing rice

Next, we will switch to raising animals with different types of animals such as cows, chickens, pigs, and sheep. Pull food in to feed them, then you can get products from them. For example, raising cows, you will receive milk.


Besides, you can also build factories to produce and process other agricultural products to increase the amount of food such as bakery, animal feed, …. to sell to customers and collect money.

Bread factory

Another interesting point is that the means of transporting agricultural products to customers in the game will be a helicopter. Click on the building with the helicopter icon, which will display the customer who has a need to buy. You press Send to deliver the goods to that person and collect money.

Deliver agricultural products to customers

Alternatively, you can invite your friends to play through Facebook or visit their homes by clicking on their profile picture.

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Invite friends

Of course, as you progress to higher levels, each of these features will unlock new, more advanced products.

Have fun playing the game!

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