The terms in League of Legends that players should know

Knowing the terms in the game will help players adapt better to the situations in the game as well as coordinate “more smoothly” with teammates and League of Legends is no exception.

However, Lol has many different terms, which will definitely cause many difficulties for gamers, especially beginners. Therefore, the Game please list the most used terms in the game League of Legends to send to you.

  • ACE: Kill the opposing team
  • AD (Attack Damage): Physical damage or attack power
  • ADC (Attack Dame Carry): Hero with strong physical damage or marksman
  • AFK (Away From Keyboard): Only gamers who have no activity in the game, if someone says you AFK it implicitly reminds you to stop playing the current game.
  • Aggro / Aggression: Transformed into a target of a soldier or a tower
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence): Matching machine (pre-programmed)
  • AoE (Arena of Effect): Wide-area attack that deals massive range damage
  • AP (Ability Power): Power of magic
  • AP Ratio: Ability power stat increase rate
  • AR (Armor): Armor helps to reduce physical damage
  • ArP (Armor Penetration): Armor penetration (lethality), increases the physical damage inflicted by ignoring part of the armor (directly or proportionally)
  • AS (Attack Speed): Attack speed

League of Legends 1

  • B (Back): Return, undo, back to the ancient stone pedestal to buy equipment, heal or mana
  • Backdoor: Pushing the lane or turret without the enemy being able to turn around
  • BG (Bad Game): Ugh, bad game
  • Bait / Baiting: Lure the other party into your trap
  • Blue: Giant Green Stone Monster Beach
  • Bot: Similar to the AI ​​above, which means the machine is pre-programmed to fight humans
  • BrB (Be Right Back): Come back immediately with tele or skill after healing, buy items
  • Brush: Bushes of grass
  • Buff: Increase strength, health, armor
  • Care: Careful
  • carry: Champions carry the team at the end of the game
  • Cb (Combat): The battle between 2 teams
  • CC (Crowd Control): The moves to restrain the opponent such as stun (stun), silent (silent), knock up (knock) …
  • CD (Cooldown): Cooldown
  • CDR (Cooldown Reduction): Cooldown reduction
  • Champ (Champion): Heroes / Heroes
  • Combo: Continuous attack means that the general uses the standard formula to achieve the best effect
  • Counter Jungle: Harassing the enemy’s deforestation
  • Cover: Support allies
  • CR (Creep): Car soldiers / artillery soldiers
  • CrC (Critical Strike Chance): The chance of having a critical attack
  • CrD (Critical Strike Damage): Critical attack damage rate
  • CS (Creep Score): Farm stats (Troops + jungle monsters)
  • Dis (Disconnect): Lost Internet connection
  • Dive / Tower Diving: Enter into line of sight of the opponent’s tower / tower
  • DPS (Damage Per Second): Deals massive damage in a short time (burst damage)
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League of Legends 2

  • ELO: A score system based on the stats in each match
  • Exp (Experience): To experience to level up
  • Facecheck: Check for grass dust
  • Farm (Farming): Kill soldiers, jungle monsters to make money
  • Fed: Someone who makes a lot of money by killing many enemy champions
  • Feed / Feeder: More kills than kills in 1 match
  • Flash: Variable speed modifiers
  • Gank: Dark only when the jungle by your side / the enemy suddenly supports a certain lane
  • GG (Good Game): A good fight (finished)
  • GOSU: The player has good skills
  • GP5 (Gold Regen): The amount of gold increases every 5 seconds
  • Harass: Blew the blood, poke the opponent
  • HP (Hit Point, Health Points): Blood Index
  • HP5 (Health Regen): HP restored every 5 seconds
  • IAS (Increased Attacks Speed): Increases attack speed
  • Imba: The greatness of the gamer
  • Initiate: Armor battle
  • Invade: Invading enemy forests
  • Juke / Juking: Fool to escape from enemy siege
  • Jungling / Jungle / Forest: Kill jungle monsters / junglers
  • Kill: Kill
  • Kite / Kiting: The term “flying a kite” means just hitting and running, only long-sleeved champions can use this technique
  • Kill Steal Hotels: Stealing from teammates
  • Lane: Soldier’s path includes Top, Mid and Bot
  • Last Hit: Finishing blow to receive gold
  • Leash: Pull out monsters for your teammates to fight
  • Leaver: Only those who exit the game until the end of the game
  • Lv (Level): Hero level
  • Meta / Metagame: The gameplay or strategy that best suits each phase of the season
  • Mid (Mid lane / Middle): Mid / Mid laner
  • MP (Mana Points): Energy index (below the health bar)
  • MP5 (Mana Regen): Energy level recovers every 5 seconds
  • MPen, MrP (Magic Penetration): Magic resistance penetration
  • MR (Magic Resist): Against magic
  • MS (Movement Speed): Speed ​​of movement
  • Noob (Newbie): Beginner, fuzzy chickens
  • Nerf (Nerfed): Reduce the power of generals to balance the game
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League of Legends 3

  • Offtank (Offensive Tank): Only the spare tanker is available if the main tank is not present unfortunately
  • OOM (Out of mana): Out of energy, unable to perform skill
  • Ping: Used for communication between teammates, red ping is dangerous, blue ping is for my support, green ping is coming, and yellow ping shows no sign of enemy.
  • Poke (Poking): Bleeding, harass the enemy from afar
  • Pushing: Attack the road for the purpose of killing soldiers, breaking towers
  • Re: The opponent returns
  • Red: Red buff / Thanh Tinh Red Thorn forest monster field
  • River: The river is in the middle of the map
  • Roam: A reversal or another lane
  • Rune: Gem supplement
  • Scales: The move is stronger by buying items
  • Scaling: The move is stronger thanks to jade
  • Skill: Champion’s move
  • Skill Shot: Orientation moves available
  • Skill Targer: Target selection technique
  • Smite: Compensation of punishment
  • Snowball: Accumulate small advantages gradually become big
  • SP (Support): Players in a support position
  • Tank: A champion in the team, takes the majority of damage
  • Team Fight: 5v5 battle
  • Tele / TP (Teleport): Teleport
  • top: Top lane position
  • Troll (Troller): Slang for gamers who specialize in game messing like intentionally dying, cursing, fighting lanes, breaking teams
  • TT (Twisted Treeline): 3vs3 map
  • Ulti / Ult / Ultimate / R: The last move (not necessarily the strongest but will bring a surge)
  • UP (Underpowered): Used for items or champions that are too weak compared to the general level of the game
  • Xpeke: Destroy turrets / enemies when there are no enemies
  • Zone (Zoning): Control area

The above are the most frequently used terms in League of Legends for your reference.

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