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The Sims 4 updated with new content quite quickly this year, with the expansion Island Living and package Realm of Magic released in just a few months. According to a recently leaked image, it seems that the game is about to receive a new update with an educational theme.

The pictures on Instagram and Twitter show The Sims 4 Discover University As an upcoming expansion, it’s also one of the biggest DLCs and brings the most changes to the game. VIP users said leaked images of the expansion were taken from Xbox One.


Based on the information from the description, it seems that the new expansion is the result of player feedback after the expansion pack’s release. University Life in The Sims 3 2013 (The Sims who started college at that time are probably now pursuing a PhD degree).

Players can sign up for classes in disciplines such as law, engineering, and teaching. In addition, they have the choice of studying at one of two schools: the University of Britechester, a longtime Ivy League university, or the modern Foxbury Institute, where you can focus your studies on technology. as high as a machine learning.


Your character needs to study hard, attend classes and lectures, go through semester exams to graduate, but college life isn’t all about studying. The description also shows that players will have many opportunities to make friends, relax and party, but getting caught up in the above activities will affect the grade in the class.

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And of course, players can also freely decorate their living space and choose to live in the school dormitory or rent a private apartment. The update also offers a chance to “break” a rival university and show your support for the school you’re attending through your choice of outfits and decorations.


Leaked images suggest that Discover University will release December 17 on consoles, and SimsVIP predicts that the expansion will arrive on PC sometime around November 15.

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