The secret to making a lot of gold in the game Dragon City

Dragon City is an extremely attractive dragon city building game, participating in the game you transform into a dragon trainer starting the job of hatching dragon eggs from a breeding farm on a magical island, earning food to feed. to nourish them and provide the right conditions for their growth.

In the game there are many different types of dragons, each of which requires a different type of food and nurturing environment, so the arrangement will determine the growth of the dragon so you can earn a lot of gold. than. Of course when playing game Dragon City everyone wants There are a lot of dragons, lots of Habitat, a lot of fruit houses but not enough gold so how do I earn a lot of gold in the Dragon City game?

Please refer to the following tips to earn more gold to build a mighty dragon empire in this extremely attractive Dragon City game:

Tips to earn more gold and gems in Dragon City game

1. Efficient dragon upgrades

Each time you level up your dragon you will get some free gold, the more you upgrade, the more gold you get from the game. You can refer to The secret to fast leveling in the game Dragon City to accumulate more experience to help level up quickly.

2. Gathered from habitat

Collect gold from the environment is one of the ways to help you earn a lot of gold fast. Some dragons have a high rate of income but the maximum amount of gold is low, so you need to skillfully combine those dragons with dragons with a low income rate but a high maximum gold level, to earn. get more gold.

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The secret to making a lot of gold in the game Dragon City

The best dragons are:

  • Earth: Earth, Star and Poo Dragon (15).
  • Fire: Laser Dragon (12).
  • Water: Poo Dragon (15), (Coral Dragon (12)).
  • Plant: Tropical, Coral and Gummy Dragon (12).
  • Electric: Star Dragon (15).
  • Ice: Alpine Dragon (10).
  • Metal: Armadillo Dragon (14), (Battery Dragon (9)).
  • Dark: Poo Dragon (15), (Hedgehog Dragon (13)).
  • Legendary: Legendary Dragon (60).

3. Login everyday

Regular login to the game will earn you some login bonuses, the rewards will be much greater when you log in for days in a row. If you do not have much time to play Dragon City, please take a few minutes every day to log in to earn gifts.

The secret to making a lot of gold in the game Dragon City

4. Play Dragon City every Monday

Playing Dragon City game on Monday you will receive a reward of gold or gems, so make full use of this way to earn more gold, building your dragon farm easier.

5. Receive free gifts from neighbors

Please work hard to send and receive free gifts from kind neighbors, when participating in sending and receiving free gifts, you will have a chance to receive gold or food from friends.

The secret to making a lot of gold in the game Dragon City

6. Support the living environment of friends

Each time you support the neighborhood habitat you will receive 10 gold and 3 exp. Although that number is not much, but if you have a lot of time, please work hard to support your neighbors every day, you will also accumulate a fair amount of gold.

There are many ways to earn gold, guys, so take advantage of all you can to get a lot of gold, please take your time “Gathered tightly” guys! In addition, you can refer to some city building games on your Android phone such as: Elf City, City Story, Miracle City …

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Refer to Video tutorial to earn gold in Dragon City

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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