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The precious experience makes it easy to become PRO in PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is still considered to be the best Battle Royal game on PC in every aspect, from graphics, gameplay to exciting events. To be a winner, you must beat 100 opponents on the map. And have to make use of all that you have, especially learn from your mistakes.

However, there are gamers who have participated in the PUBG battlefield for a long time but have yet to “get their hands”, there are many factors to talk about in the game, but the common point is that we will focus on Tips that you can apply when fighting in the game, below are some small tips that has exploited through many gamers’ experiences while playing. You can refer and use when playing the game.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG: The valuable experience to become PRO in the game

1. Do not be afraid to enter war in “hot” areas.


When you first play, many gamers will “die” quite soon, especially those who are new to the survival shooter series. Some gamers will choose areas with less people parachuting to avoid early skirmishes.

This is also true for “newbies” where they have to practice their initial skills when playing the game, such as shooting skills, listening to footsteps, navigating gunshots … But if you don’t If you fight a lot but only worry about evading, your skills and experience will remain as low as in the beginning, and when you meet the enemy, you will lack combat experience.

So please take the time to face the enemy, surely after a while of fighting you will “get on hand” and no longer a “new chicken”, the areas where many enemies pay attention to it are Pochinki, School, Pecado … Parachute down here and battle with your learned skills against the crowd.

2. Prioritize a good location instead of trying to kill the enemy


Although you are not scared when you have experienced the elements used to confront enemies in the game. But it must go with a very alert state, in many besieged situations, the top priority is choosing a good position for itself. Prioritize locations like a hillside or leaning back against a structure like a wall, in those positions, you will see the surrounding landscape with a wide view but the degree of ambush is very low.

But if you want to be like that, you must have a long-range Scope, accompanied by a good location, you will definitely dominate clearly, just focus on the convenient locations that you have observed. Enemy and fire when seeing them, after killing 1 or 2 kills, immediately change positions to avoid detection. If you have good “mindset” skill and have a convenient position then for sure, you will earn as many kills as a genuine PRO.

3. Shorten loot time


When landing, everyone just starts with empty hands, now loot will be top priority. But when you have enough loot, go to occupy an important position instead of just sticking to loot, if you watch the PUBG videos online, many gamers die while loot, because they are wondering Should choose what kind of gun, should I pick up full of grenades or not, should pick this or that …

For new gamers, you need time to get used to the guns with factors such as recoil, pinch, shooting distance … not to mention auxiliary weapons such as grenades, melee weapons. . When you are familiar with each weapon, quickly loot quickly what suits you and focus only on the essentials, and do not loot too many bullets with accessories but forget the recovery items.

4. Practice shooting from a distance


This is a factor to evaluate a true PRO in the game, of course, the enemy does not always appear “deliciously” in front of you, so using the viewfinder in the game is popular with many gamers. favored, the advantage of long-range shooting is to help you limit the advantage of the opponent’s position.

It is important that you practice with these accessories, as mentioned above, you have to feel the recoil of the gun for the shot to be highly accurate, and to evaluate the damage of each gun. When used in each long distance, near. Most gamers will carry an AR or SMG to supplement long-range guns like the KAR98K or genuine goods in supply boxes like the AWM or M24.

And the most important factor is that you have to be assertive in each shot, if you are afraid of missing, you will not succeed, try to practice in each shot, move continuously to be undetected, then shoot. next bullet. Just perform is on hand only.

5. Move and attack in a circular motion


Also a feature of the survival game, the area in the game will be narrowed down to create a drama, if there is no circle, you can imagine what it would be like, the battle will last. for a few hours on that extremely large map. So if you stay out of the circle, your health will be drained quickly over time.

You can also take advantage of it as a tool to help detect, even annoying the opponent, in order to stay out of the bo, you have to bring a lot of recovery items, initially the bo will still eat quite a bit. Less health so you can use it to loot more items, then follow the edge of the ring to detect your opponent. This is a tactic that quite a lot of gamers use when running from the outside.


If you find that the bo is eating fast, you should find ways to get in the middle of the bo, including using a vehicle to move, otherwise you will receive a ticket to play a new match, and at that time calculate the position. Best to hide, chances are high you can destroy some more kills running around in circles. There were some gamers told on Gamology’s fan page: “I just patiently walked around, watching them shoot each other, and won TOP 1 easily”.


In summary, practice is still only part of winning, the main thing is still the practical experience when you join the battle in the game, if you learn to learn from experience, know the unique tips from learning your teammates. I, surely you will become a genuine PRO in the game. Hope the above experiences will help you when participating in the survival battle in PUBG.

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