The pieces are increased and decreased the most power in season 4 CCP

Truth arena season 4: Fate will officially appear on the server on September 17th and from now until then, the gaming community will be anxiously waiting for new information from the publisher of Riot Games, in which it is indispensable to know which generals will be. buffs and champions will be nerfed in season 4 this season.

Here are the champions that will get the most buffs in Arena of truth season 4: Fate

1. The generals are buffed



If it was in season 3, Ezreal Only really useful when your squad is in a winning stance and this unit is brought in to counter the opponent because of both the hand damage and your skill. Ezreal are too normal.

Coming to season 4, the position of Ezreal completely transformed. With the possession of the ultimate Supply light both deals damage, heals and reduces the opponent’s attack speed by 50%. Besides, it greatly increases the attack speed for allies.



In season 3 The arena of truth, Ahri is only considered as “extra chess pieces” on the board, mainly used to buff the damage to the main force of the formation Witch as Syndra good Viktor. But to season 4, Ahri possesses an extremely large amount of magic damage.

With tossing skills Soul Bomb (Spirit Bomb) deals massive damage, Ahri are chess pieces Witch strongest in The arena of truth Season 4, even ranked higher than General 5 gold of the same rank Lillia.

2. Power nerfed heroes



If it was in season 3, Jinx It is the main unit in the lineup Gunners or Rebellion With incredible rate of fire and massive damage. Unexpectedly, Jinx in The arena of truth: Fate again “stripped” of all strength, only the chess piece to control the medium.

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Whereby, Jinx Only 1 skill that is rated “pretty weak” is called Fish boneWhen activated, it will fire rockets to stun enemies. However, it still isn’t as effective as champions with the same price tag Kennen good Lux.



In Truth arena season 3, 4 gold general – Wukong can be put into many different formations to increase resistance, damage, and control for that team thanks to the ability to throw wide.

Unfortunately, into this new season, Wukong Only worth 1 gold with only weak skills – Set Of Thousand Pounds (single target stuns). With such a strong nerf, Wukong will only match the position of taking the ethnic effect Spirit and buffs for main force only.

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