The noticeable similarities between BangBang 2 and League of Legends

It is for the reason that it is labeled as a MOBA that many League of Legends fans have tried to look at this game to find the similarities of these two game products.

Many gamers recognize the similarity between BangBang 2 and League of Legends

If you don’t know, BangBang 2 is webgame very different in the market, from the context to the way of fighting experience. Besides, the MOBA element is also highlighted with a series of features that longtime LoL players will feel very familiar with.

Map, jungle monster system and charms
One of the most noticeable points from BangBang 2 and MOBA games in general and League of Legends in particular is the map system divided into 3 familiar lines: top lane and mid lane. Each lane has 3 outer towers and a main house in the middle – this is the main goal of each faction if they want to win.

Baron is always the hot spot of Combat phases from two teams

Besides, there is a forest with monsters for players to defeat to get more buffs and experience just like League of Legends. In addition to small jungle camps and 2 buff jungle camps, BangBang 2 will also have 2 big goals similar to Dragon and Baron in League of Legends so that two phases of dispute create a premise to finish the match.

Rune Gems and Summoner Spells
Each tank in BangBang 2 is equipped with two extra powerful support features, Ngoc and Thien Phu. While the support Gem helps you increase a little bit of stats for your tank including attack power, health …. and the way it works is quite similar to League of Legends when you have to install yourself a set of gems before each match.


At the same time, Thien Phu offers a flexible activation skill to use and has a separate timeout. Taking a quick look at Thien Phu, we also see the shadow of League of Legends faintly like Healing (Healing), Speed ​​instead of Flash, or Weakness instead of Exhaustion.

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Skill set
First of all, it should be said that BangBang 2 divides its tanks into categories including DPS, Tanker and Support, allowing players to choose for themselves a style of play that suits their preferences. In addition, each skill set is designed to suit the purpose for which you choose that tank in your squad. Like the Panda tank with its ability to stick to the target and good resistance that can be the initiator in battles, or the Strike with a powerful long-range skill set that can be used to poke and push the house well.

The Tank system in BangBang 2 is also very diverse

With features similar to an extremely popular MOBA game today, League of Legends, BangBang 2 will make gamers not spend too much time getting used to and experiencing. Besides the casual gameplay and focus on the fun side of the game will definitely be a better choice for gamers looking for a light webgame to kill time.

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