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Draw Happy Life tests your drawing talents with a series of fun puzzles. In Draw Happy Life Each character in the levels has their own sadness and you need to find a way to make them happy again by drawing what they need. Drawing is not easy and many times you won’t know where to start. Then let the answer Draw Happy Life help you.

The app store is filled with fascinating puzzle games. Each option has different gameplay and themes, but they are all designed with a common purpose, which is to challenge the player’s IQ and problem-solving skills. How do you think the concept of puzzle and drawing combined to create a mind game? As a result, you will have Draw Happy Life, a very popular puzzle game today.

list of safe in the game draw happy life

List of answers in Draw Happy Life

Draw Happy Life offers unique draw-to-puzzle gameplay. You can both show off your quickness in problem solving and intelligence, while also showing off your art skills. And like many other games, there will be times when you need help to get through a difficult level. Therefore, has compiled the answer to Draw Happy Life for you to use whenever you need it.

1. Introduction to the puzzle game Draw Happy Life

Draw Happy Life is a brain game suitable for many different ages. Instead of choosing answers, finding hidden objects or collecting evidence like many other puzzle games, you will draw to solve problems. Each level puts you in a specific situation. Here, you will draw to give the characters in trouble in each level something to make them happy. For example, in the event of rain, what would you need? Definitely an umbrella. What about a hungry dog ​​sitting sad? A bone will be what you need to draw now.

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draw happy life

In general, each puzzle will lack a certain detail and your task is to find that thing to draw it. In case you do not know where to put the brush from to pass a certain level, here is the answer to Draw Happy Life that you can refer to.

2. Answers to the game Draw Happy Life

Making the characters in the game happy is not easy, but you can certainly complete this task, especially with the help of the Draw Happy Life answer shared above.

Link to download Draw Happy Life for Android and iOS:

=> Link Download Draw Happy Life for Android

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