The meanings of the symbols behind each character in Genshin Impact

Official art of the characters in Genshin Impact due Mihoyo Provided us, each character has a background behind with an icon and symbolizes the land they “registered as a household”, but not everyone knows the meaning of the symbols behind it. So this article by EmergenceInGame will help you learn about these special symbols.

With characters in Mondstadt

  • Propeller shape: Symbol for another name of Mondstadt was Land of the Wind:
Noelle is from Mondstadt
Noelle is from Mondstadt
  • Lion: One of the Guardian’s 4 Holy Beasts Mondstadt – Nam Phong Lion:
Mona - astrologer in Genshin Impact
Mona – astrologer in Genshin Impact
  • Falcon Pictures: One of the Guardian’s 4 Holy Beasts Mondstadt- The Western Phong Falcon.
  • Wolf Figure: One of the Guardian’s 4 Holy Beasts Mondstadt- The Wolf of Bac Phong.
  • Dragon image: One of the Guardian’s 4 Holy Beasts Mondstadt Dragon Dong Phong good Phong Ma Long Dvalin.

The round, thorny circle is the dandelion, the flower symbolizing the land of wind. Mona Although we meet us Liyue, but is currently registered in household registration and renting a house Monstadt should be counted as belonging to this region.

The characters are from Liyue

Is divided into 2 groups ordinary people and Forerunner.

Ordinary people group, including 4 symbols:

  • Triquetra: Symbol of copper Mora, because Liyue is the place of production Mora for the whole continent. Another meaning is the symbol for Nham Vuong Emperor Quan (only Morax just created Mora).
Cuong Exam Qiqi
Cuong Exam Qiqi
  • Ship: Symbols for the main economy Liyue was Commercial. It also alludes to The Seven Stars Liyue (The 7 heads of the 7 largest guilds Liyue, OK Nham Vuong Emperor Quan trust empowered to operate economically Liyue).
  • The Nghe Thuong flower: A typical flower of Liyue, Icons for Culture. Because of flowers Damn Thuong or people Liyue used in rituals or ceremonies. One more meaning is a symbol for the image of the person Liyue.
  • Sword and spear crossed: Symbol for the military, or rather Thien Nham Quan.
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Closing: These 4 symbols are the affirmation that the history of thousands of years of Liyue It was created through the work of both the Spirit, its leaders, the army and the people Liyue. The effort of each group is the same, missing one in 4 will never have Liyue as of the present.

Sage group – immortal:

QiQi There are memories saved and revived by the hands of the Forerunner should have immortal life, still counted in this group.

  • Dragon image: Image of Lava Emperor Morax Army, represents Tin (Morax is the God of Covenant).
  • Image Reindeer: Image of Deprivation Nguyet Truc Duong Chan Quan. Symbols for kindness (Deprivation Nguyet Truc Duong Chan Quan is praised by people Forerunner the most gentle)
Zhongli - Zhongli
Zhongli – Zhongli
  • Pictures of Thien Hac: Image of Save Van Chan Quan. In people’s beliefs Liyue, The image of a cranes symbolizes courage and gentleness. This image may also represent Li Thuy Diep Son Chan Quan Also, since the image of the cranes to the cranes is quite similar, it doesn’t work either.
  • Finally, Da Xa: Looks like the head of Unicorn good Lion but not so. History Liyue Record a lot of the feats of Nham Vuong Emperor QuanIn which, there is no less of the consensus of the Yesterday. Until now, even only only Xiao but responsibility and promise to protect humanity Liyue old times still. And images Yesterday carries symbols of loyalty or strength.

Foreign group:

Current Tartaglia Childe He comes from abroad, and behind him is the symbol of the 11 coffins Fatui.

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Villain - Childe
Villain – Childe

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