The list of the best CSGO players in 2019

Oleksandr Kostyliev (s1mple)

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It’s no surprise that s1mple is on this list. Ukrainian gamer has been a formidable shooter since 2016, and while other promising players have suffered a drop in form, he has stood the ground in every tournament.

Regardless of the line-up, Natus Vincere always has a pinnacle thanks to this man, who is considered a one-man army – taking over matches and ending the game alone.

He is the most overrated player on his team at all events, and sometimes even dominates the entire stats when his team makes it to the playoffs – in fact he he achieved this in a poor year for NaVi, it is an amazing thing.

Jonathan Jablonowshili (EliGE)


EliGE is one of the star America’s brightest and the key to Liquid’s success. You’ll rarely see him run in first and clear a bomb site, but his consistency and incredible aiming ability make him a threat to any opponent.

Whenever his team needed a solid defense, or some way to handle a situation, he was there – without him the team would certainly not be where it is today.

He played a key role in launching Liquid’s madness from June to July, where he won two consecutive MVP awards at DreamHack Masters Dallas and the ESL Pro League season finale. 9, won five top event wins for the team.

Nicholas Reedtz (dev1ce)


When you think of Astralis, you think of dev1ce. Danish gamer has been the star of the team since its inception and has been thriving in 2019.

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Whether AWP, rifle or pistol, he can always do something magical, consistently churning out the highest numbers out there.

It’s no coincidence that a team with this player won both Majors in 2019, and he even took home the MVP award in both thanks to his great performance.

Mathieu Herbaut (ZywOo)


Last but not least is ZywOo, young gunman stormed for CSGO in 2019. Many fans knew this French gamer before his time at Vitality, but few expected him to be able to create such amazing things.

He displays incredible consistency, his in-game reflexes, movements and AWPing skills are second to none. Many fans have called his team Team ZywOo due to his monstrous performances so there is nothing else for the rest of the members to do.

Few can forget his performance at the ECS season 7 finals, where he scored a K/D +30, almost unbelievable against EG – a team that was expected to go on to take the No. one in the world.

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