The latest information about Valorant version 1.06 is about to update

It seems that the current version of Valorant has some problems that cause game imbalance. So in the next update, instead of focusing on the balance of the character class, Riot decided to focus on gun changes. Shotgun. Besides that there is balance, to adjust the strength of the Bucky and Judge, Edit to restrict the aperture Shotguns becomes less precise.

Valorant version 1.06 coming soon will have many small changes

Instructions to download and install Valorant quickly and simply

Sounds and images for blinding effects

Specifically skill Phoenix Curveball, Breach Flashpoint will indicate when to turn away and when it is safe to look back.

Update, balance and edit weapons

All of the guns Shotgun have been updated for less accuracy when shooting in the air.

Ammo spread while in the air increased from 0.5 up 1.25.

In spite of Shotgun are doing well in situations where they should of course do, but “there are moments when a player fires bullets with very high accuracy” Riot to speak. “We hope to limit some of those encounters while still being able to do them if you catch an opponent from close range.” In short and succinctly, “The Shotgun in the current Valorant version is too powerful, too accurate to cause imbalance”

Image quality

In the menu screen, the switch button “Only show when in possession” is persisted between the desktop and the application.


Fixes HUD The player’s sometimes disappears

Fixed a bug in the match history deathmatch and match details for a clear identification of equal ranked players.

Fixed a bug that allowed players to just start the game by skipping game ratings and ratings.

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Canceled matches will not be counted Competitive for the team to cancel.

Fixes “Missing String Table” will appear in the chat log.

Fixed an issue where strange player names may appear in a conversation while managing group invitations.

Fixed the issue where some players were not getting rewards after the game ended Act Battlepass.

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