The game’s galaxy matching formations: the latest Truths Arena

Twin Star Galaxy, Transaction Area, East Islands, Treasure Island, Starry sky

Appearance of the galaxies in season 3 game The arena of truth has created many new gameplay and creativity for the gaming community. Depend on properties of each galaxy We have different ways of playing and building a family. Below will be a summary the most suitable formations to rank according to each galaxy in The Arena of Truth version 10.13.

The galaxies in the latest technology

1. Double Star Galaxy – each champion can only hold 2 Equipment:


Due to the nature of the galaxy, indirectly buffs the power to Super Tech

Appearance rate: 10%.

IN version 10.13 of the CCP This time, the massive summoned beast galaxy has been removed to welcome that new galaxy Twin star system.

Comment: Can not be used much for formations that need to use a lot of equipment for the main cards, thereby indirectly buffing the squad. Super Technology. The right formations are decks that increase and gain strength mainly through level ups and boosts.

Suitable formation: Super Tech, Star Guardian.

2. Thien Ha Trading Area – 1 free roll per round:

Take advantage of the free roll to use hyper-roll formations

Appearance rate: 10%.

Comment: Suitable for formations hyper-roll.

Suitable formation: Universe, Guardian, Sword Visitor.

3. Neeko Galaxy – get 2 Neeko:

Neeko The arena of truth
Neeko The arena of truth

Appearance rate: 10%.

Comment: Similar to the trading district galaxy, you can use “2 Neeko items” to quickly increase the main card star, suitable for formations. hyper-roll.

Lineup suitable: Universe, Guardian, Sword Visitor.

4. Dong Dao Galaxy – 1 Nature Armor at level 5 free:

Rate of current: 10%.

Comment: Because of the advantage of having 1 more card on the field, the right formation is the cards that increase and gain strength mainly through “level up and boost”.

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Suitable formation: Super Tech, Star Guardian.

5. Thien Ha Treasure Island – All monsters will drop equipment:

"Who" Ekko

1 island that powers up Super Tech directly

Appearance rate: 10%.

Comment: The galaxy for the decks needs to equip the main cards. All monsters drop their equipment. All players will be extremely strong early in the game thanks to having a lot of equipment, so you have to pair your champion early if you don’t want to lose continuously and can’t hold on.

Suitable Squad: Super Tech, Mage (Witch), Swordman, Universe, Battle Machine, Gunner.

6. Starry Sky Galaxy – General 1/2/3 in the market round will be 2 stars.

Appearance rate: 10%.

Comment: Each street in the market will pick up a two-star 1/2/3 level that is suitable for hyper-roll formations.

The “paradise” of hyper-roll formations, gaining heroes up 2 stars instantly after shopping rounds.

Using the meta staples in this map will be a great advantage to climb the rank.

Suitable formation: Universe, Guardian, Star Guardian.

Above is a summary of the appropriate lineups for each galaxy version 10.13 The Truth Arena season 3 – Infinite Galaxy.

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