The female gamer was upgraded to BEATVN because of the crime of “stalking” the entire VLTK Mobile server

Most of today’s online games have content and gameplay that are mainly suitable for men and attract a large number of male gamers to participate. However, it is undeniable that there are more and more appearances of “pink balls” in the game, including swordplay games. Because of their difference, our female gamers always receive more attention and priority than other male gamers. The more in front of beautiful people, the more the guys want to prove their “male” bravery.

But it is also because of this weakness that many girls borrow the name “female gamer” to … go “listen” or moreover take advantage of love and money.

Recently, the community Gamer Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile was once again stirred up when a hot girl named Hang Bong suddenly was accused of “dropping hearing”, living with errors, borrowing money to forget to pay, or eating, nagging at “rainy boys” all over the server from North to South. Not only was it “unmasked” on the confession page of this game, the incident was also shared by members on the BEATVN forum, causing a lot of attention from the online community.


According to the original article, it is known that the female gamer nicknamed Hang Bong after many times wandering around the servers from S184, S444, S10 and many other servers, wherever she goes, she always leaves a deep impression. there. Play on this server but speak ill of people on another server, always disparage the girls of any state as ugly and promote themselves as the most beautiful.

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The culmination of having to mention the times off with fellow martial artists in the North and the South, Hang Bong is not afraid of the long distance, always enthusiastically present in any event. And after the off sessions, everyone’s impression is harder to fade from her willingness to play.


The full text of the post was shared quite long and detailed by a female gamer nicknamed Mai Tran.

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The incident, after being shared, attracted a lot of attention and comments from other members of the VLTK Mobile player community, many of which were her acquaintances. Many people are also fed up with the “hearing” tricks of a large number of female gamers today.


The incident still receives great attention from VLTK Mobile members in particular as well as the online community in general. However, the main character surrounding the scandal has not yet appeared to speak.​

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