The father of Grand Summoners revealed the new masterpiece Last Cloudia

Cha de Grand Summoners he lo sieu pham moi Last CloudiaO4yqZ - Emergenceingame

AIDIS, Inc.a global mobile game developer and publisher, today announced role-playing game mobile Last Cloudia will be available globally later this year following a recent launch in the Japanese market. AIDIS is one of the two development teams behind the popular mobile RPG – Grand Summonerspublished by Good Smile Company. Last Cloudia has a cinematic landscape and a deep storyline that revolves around the cooperation of humans with monsters to save the world together.

Players will go on an epic adventure with Kyle, a vibrant knight with a masterful swordsmanship, and his companion Rei, a one-winged monster with amnesia, and meet friends. and other unique enemies throughout the journey. Players will enjoy a dynamic real-time combat system with detailed pixel-style character graphics, stunning visual effects on a bright 3D backdrop.


Unique characters possess very versatile skills, helping players create squads with different fighting styles. The ultimate rewards in Cloudia are special items that can be equipped on any character to instantly boost stats and permanently empower the use of powerful skills over time, such as increased damage to specific enemies, increase recovery speed and many other skills.​

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