The easiest way to get Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet in Fortnite

Interesting update of Fortnite recently allowed players to transform into the name Mad Titan Thanos with the powerful and powerful Infinity Gauntlet, enough for you to wreak havoc on the map of Fortnite. To be able to find the power you want, you have to compete with the remaining 99 people on the map.


To help you easily get the Infinity Gauntlet, has some suggested tips to help you easily get your hands on the Infinity Gauntlet, instead of waiting for others to turn into Thanos and then work hard. kill him to get the Infinity Gauntlet.

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Fortnite: The easiest way to get the Infinity Gauntlet

1. Where the glove will fall

Infinity Gauntlet Fortnite

The first thing you need to remember is that the gauntlet will drop from a meteorite at a random location on the map, most likely the gauntlet will fall in the final safe zone of the game. Experience is that if you have Sugar Crash, Wings of Valor, fly and use it as soon as you jump off the bus, and keep an eye on the circle to see where the safe zone is, then drop the parachute.

2. Time of appearance


This is also a point where you have to take advantage of Surgar Crash or Wings of Valor to both fly and parachute, meteors will usually come down when the clock strikes 2 minutes when entering the game, so you should buy time so that enough time to fly straight to the meteorite’s location.

To do it in the most effective way, you just need to align so that you have just moved to the edge of the safe circle, start parachuting, then slowly fly slowly to the center of the safe zone and prepare to fly in the direction of the meteorite. .

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3. Align the fall time


The time-buying tactic is used by many people to time the glove to fall, and hoping you can be the first to touch the glove, you should always look around so that others are always flying. high and can’t land before you, but don’t land too fast to lose the position of the falling meteor


If you have seen a falling meteor, determine and put all your speed to its falling location, and at this time there will also be many people running to get the gauntlet so you should use your construction skills to block the way. them and quickly get the glove is okay.


And do not forget the previous orientation of the meteorite, determine the right direction to fall parallel to the meteorite and you just need to drop the parachute and then fly to it, you can get it right away. Or you can also jump down on a tree or house and jump into the glove to pick it up right away.

4. Some notes when turning into Thanos


When turning into Thanos, you will have an increased amount of armor and health, (specifically 300 armor, 700 health), when killing an enemy, Thanos will be restored to armor. And in return, Thanos can’t use health potions to heal himself.

When you become Thanos, you will also become the focus of everyone’s attack, at the beginning of the game you are very easy to encounter this situation because at that time, a lot of people are near the Infinity Gauntlet and they will attack. you instead of “punching” each other.

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Wish you will quickly find the first gauntlet to turn into Thanos and go “release” for the whole map.

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