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The best LAN games on PC (Part 1/2)

Những tựa game LAN hay nhất - Emergenceingame

While LAN games were previously only available at events or on consoles, PC gamers can now relive those same screen memories more easily than ever. , and by streaming games to a TV you can enjoy on the couch, even if your PC case is in another room.

Some of the games below are competitively focused like Super Smash Bros. Others may be crazy, but you and other players will team up against the game instead of against each other.

Whatever genre you like, hopefully you’ll find a game for you in the list below.

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Overcooked has created the chaotic environment of a multi-stage kitchen in a restaurant. Two to four players coordinate one-on-one in an elaborate kitchen to prepare and serve dishes to order. Some dishes are simple: tomato soup is to cut three pieces of tomato into a pot, cook for a while, serve on a plate and send to the table. But there are quite complicated dishes, needing to cut ingredients, cook, and serve dishes depending on the order entered.

Success converges from factors such as coordination, communication, prompting work, and the ability to respond to the urgency of the food industry. This game is both fun and chaotic – just don’t burn the stove.

This car soccer game may seem simple at first, but give it a try and you will realize that it is an extremely competitive and intense game.

This is a great game for armchairs because it’s easy to get started and super easy to play while lying down. Once you get used to the feel and control of this strange driving game, things will be much easier, and thanks to the colorful skin system, it will add more personality to the game. You should try 1v1 and 2v2 modes if 6-player matches seem too chaotic.

It’s one of the games of the year and one of the best RPGs of all time. This game is also a perfect choice to play together with split screen mode and gamepad support. You and another player can create characters together, but if they’re late it’s still possible to jump in and start controlling already existing NPCs.

Death Squared belongs to the genre of puzzle games that can literally tear friendships apart. With two or four players, you control robots that try to find their way to a certain place on the map, but every time someone moves, the map moves around them – often squeezing your teammates to death. you always. It’s an excellent game and challenges puzzle abilities, but part of the success also lies in the level of coordination the game requires. It is very difficult for one player to carry all the levels, which adds to the fun.

Another good two player game is Kalimba. Much faster paced than Death Squared, but still requires the same coordination.

Castle Crashers satisfy the desire to gather with friends to smash things together. Each player controls a knight in a mystical kingdom, smashing countless enemies through forests, towns, castles, caves, and more. Each kill will give the player experience to practice a stronger sword or stronger magic attack. There are many weapons, beasts, and secret heroes to find and fight. You can play alone (or online), but it’s more fun to play with your friends – battles are more exciting if your teammates are right next to you.

The LAN genre is unique to the developer of The Behemoth, and they have other games that are also worth checking out. Battleblock Theater is a two-player platformer with Steam Workshop support that features new levels, and more recently, Pit People with a lighter gameplay, more suitable for gamepads when it comes to the tactical genre. in turn.

This is a roguelike game combined with sim simulator called Streets of Rogue that has a randomly generated world, and revolves around in-game systems. You plus up to 3 other players will be given random quests with a completely arbitrary solution, like Deus Ex or Dishonored. The game is very diverse and free despite its simple appearance, and many people ignore it because of this point. While there’s not really a lot of coordination, I think this game would be a lot more fun if there were more people to play with.

This strangely named game (Keep talking, no one will explode) simulates a scene often seen in movies when the hero has to defuse a bomb by describing the appearance to a bomb disposal expert by phone. In the game, only one person can manipulate the bomb and what is on it, the other will keep in his hand the bomb disposal instructions. The game is built for VR, but without that expensive equipment you can still experience the stress of racing against time to solve a puzzle you can’t even see. Remember: keep talking, and no one will explode.

Another game that will be a lot of fun if someone is sitting next to you is a shooter roguelike, in which you have to shoot enemies who are also shooting at you. Remember that this game is quite difficult, and you will have to lose a lot of lives, even with teammates around. But the coordination function is very well integrated, and the punishment is not too harsh when teammates are around. It’s a great mix under the lovely pixelated graphics, and is one of the few games on this list that won’t make you mad at your fellow players.

This 2D shooter mixes a bit of 80s movie flavor and arcade games – and it’s also entertaining. You add up to three more people to play a game that is considered a “sarcastic” version of characters such as Rambo (hereinafter ‘Rambro’), the Terminator (here ‘Brominator’), even Will Smith from Men In Black or Neo from The Matrix are also present. The interesting thing is in the detail that each character has a different weapon, as well as the physical design of each level in Broforce, meaning that each block in the environment can be destroyed easily. The variety of environments and enemies will make this a fun-filled arcade for 30 minutes or so, as Broforce is inherently pretty simple.

You and up to 3 more players control avatars on a colorful spaceship traveling through space. There are many stations that require operators, such as weapon stations, engines, shields and maps, and players have to control their avatars to run from place to place whenever problems arise. This is a difficult game because there is always a shortage of workers, you have to constantly run back and forth and collide with your colleagues. But a well-matched team will make this busy ship go smoothly, especially in battles with space enemies.

Hive Jump is a type of game with a randomly generated world that allows up to 4 players to play together. The levels are randomized each time, but there are hand-designed rooms and challenges spread throughout. You’ll be upgrading your guns and characters as you dive deep into the alien lair, and Hive Jump has a very unique respawn system. You can resurrect from the dead if you keep on your back a device that receives signals safely from enemies, this encourages players to stick together and help each other more.

If you’re looking for more retro roguelikes like this, 20XX has taken Mega Man’s jump and shoot mechanics and placed them in a random world for up to two players to explore.

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