The basic Gem Board for Yasuo season 10 and how to play the Tolerant – League of Legends

Hello gamers of the game League of LegendsToday, EmergenceInGame will introduce to you some pretty strong gem board building directions that are being used a lot in the rankings. Let’s take a look at some construction directions that are being used a lot LOL version season 10 Please!

1. Yasuo Conquering is both buffalo and tough:

Yasuo's most commonly used table of jade

Jade table Exactlyresisting branch, often chosen by most players against strong foes. Its advantage is that it both gets damage from jade Conquer and just got more resistance from the sub-branch of this jewel board.

With characteristics skill Q of the Yasuo then jade Conquer is a reasonable choice because Q is counted as 1 basic attack and has a fairly fast cooldown. This sub-branch of the jade table is quite good when faced with generals who have the ability to exchange good moves.

Reasonable to use Yasuo goes Top or Support (Not recommended).

2. Yasuo jade table to Mid and Forest:

For Yasuo mid or Jungle

This is the build direction for the majority of positions in the justice arena for Yasuo. Combined with supplemental gem is burning with the direction of playing dry blood. These are considered table of truth gems Let this general stir every position of the game.

  • The jade table is the table Exactly
  • Ngoc Conquering: suitable with skill Q help accumulate Stack faster and dominate.
  • Legendary: Attack Speed: Participate in allowable defeats Yasuo permanently gains bonus attack speed.
  • Slash of grace: Deals additional damage to enemies low blood pressure.
  • Gem fill is the table Overwhelm
  • Taste of blood: Heals every time you damage an enemy champion.
  • Greedy hunter: Participating in the defeat gives you permanently the ability to heal according to careful damage

3. Yasuo steps at lightning speed, exchanging moves and long turrets:

Gemstone Footsteps Table

In this build direction, the jade table is also the branch Exactly:

Speedy footsteps: With the ability to recover when enough stacks (100 stacks), this is a very suitable gem for Yasuo against champions in mid. After healing will give Yasuo running speed, combined with E skill to effectively dash the enemy’s blood and texture.

Reasonable to bring customers Yasuo go mid.

4. Advantages / disadvantages of Yasuo:


Maneuverability, great damage:

Skill Q Has a quick cooldown and counts as a basic attack, helping clear up monsters and exchanging skills fairly.

Combining Q and E will create skillful and professional dances.

Skill W (Wind Wall) allow Yasuo Block all ballistic skills, only a few moves can penetrate the wall of the wind like thermal torpedoes R by Nautilus, bisexuality W from Ekko, ultimate rainbow R from Lux, … this creates a mutation in teamfights as well as Q solos.

Passive of Yasuo is the critical hit amount will be increased double when to equip critically. Yasuo only need 2 critical items Infinity sword and Electric Knife / Ma dance song Search is going to be enough 100% critical chance. Every step of the Yasuo will accumulate points Determination internally, when enough is reached 100 score will create a virtual armor layer, the child of the wind is quite hot, isn’t it?

Last move of Yasuo was Last Time (R) has the ability to open the teamfight extremely beautifully. Just a nice kick you can send the enemy squad into the air.


Need to have high skills, decisive when choosing to use the ultimate.

5. Level up for skills:

Yasuo's skill increase order

Please increase max skill Q of the Yasuo earliest and increase skill R with level. After that it is at maximum E and W skills at the end.

6. Yasuo’s suitable equipment:

Starting equipment:

Doran’s Sword + Blood pot is the most commonly used starter gear for YasuoHowever, if you run into annoying spoofing champions then the choice should be Doran’s Shield to increase resilience.

Doran's Sword / Doran's Shield + Blood pot

Mid-game equipment:

Ma dance two swords: Right town’s equipment Yasuo, has both attack speed, crit and virtual armor.

Search infinity: With the critical amount of Ma dance two swords or Statikk electric knives + Infinity + intrinsic, then yourself Yasuo had enough 100% critical Okay, that’s what few generals are in League of Legends any get. These are 2 items that are indispensable for any player Yasuo Which way to possess a huge amount of damage.

Ma Vu Dual Sword and Infinity

Rage Shoes: Should get this item up early to farm effectively.

Furious Shoes

End-of-game and complete equipment:

Claws: increased stamina at the end of the game.

Blood sword: maximizes damage and extremely good recovery Yasuo, thanks to the high magnetic suction percentage Blood sword, which Yasuo Can confidently rush in the middle of the enemy team, dash E slash Q.

Angel Armor: Select it if you want the open combat position.

7. A few basic notes:

Don’t be foolish to play aggressively if you don’t have high skills because Yasuo It will be quite difficult to walk in the lane if the pressure is too much.

Before you bring “the” Yasuo into the rank, make sure you have a grasp of the basics of the skills, pearls as well as the way Combo, this traveler swordsman’s path.

If you want to choose Yasuo, please clearly inform your teammates in the stage of Ban – Select. And don’t forget to pack and move according to the match situation

The above is the jewel table for Yasuo season 10 and how to play the Unforgettable – League of Legends, the most popular general in Vietnam.

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