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The 10 most shocking deaths in the history of the gaming world (P2)

Roman Bellic

Roman can be considered as one of the most annoying characters GTA 4. As Niko Bellic’s cousin, Roman soon made a bad impression when tricking the main character to Liberty with sweet words but in reality it was just a name. And yet, even when Niko started to build his mother’s number, Roman kept asking for help and causing shocking incidents, or even constantly calling to beg to go bowling. But no matter what, blood is still blood.. and no matter how much we hate Roman, this is still the character most attached to Niko, the only one who accompanies him in all circumstances.


So when the end of GTA 4 came, many people felt really shocked when they saw Roman collapsed under the gun right at his wedding.. Of course, Roman’s death could still be prevented if people play choose revenge Dimitri, but really for those who do not know, the scene of the death of that unpleasant and extremely close cousin makes the heart very heavy.


Like many pages of stories, movies or game titles released throughout the years… Joker has always been Batman’s sworn enemy. But that’s why “The Clown Prince of Crime” has become the back of the coin, a part of the Dark Knight’s own soul that he can never separate. But in Batman: Arkham City… Joker had to say his last goodbyes to his “old friend”.


When Batman holds in his hand the cure for the disease that is slowly killing the Joker from within, he says, “Every decision you make leads to death and pain. Man loses his life, I stop you, then you too. just escaped and just kept doing it…”. But before Batman could finish his sentence, Joker rushed forward and stuck a knife in the Dark Knight’s shoulder, causing him to let go and the antidote bottle to shatter on the ground.. Joker rushed to try to salvage anything but until at last the breath gradually left the sick clown.

Joker doesn’t know that no matter what, no matter how much pain he caused Batman, he will still give the antidote. Finally, a master of crime, a crazy brain but full of calculation and intrigue like Joker .. killed himself, causing many gamers to feel horny for the ending.


Not only shocking fans really, Aerith’s death at the tip of Serphiroth’s sword is also the most painful image throughout Final Fantasy history. A beautiful girl with a kind, loving nature… a girl who seemed to be born to warm Cloud’s cold soul, ended up having to die in the most painful way. How many fans have to cry.



The first part of The Walking Dead cleverly broke the player’s heart when ending the journey of little Clementine with Lee Everett – a history professor convicted of murdering his wife. Escaping the fate of a criminal but facing a world full of undead zombies, Lee decided to take care and protect little Clementine to the end..

That’s why when Clementine was kidnapped, although he was bitten by a Zombie, he still tried to take advantage of the last hours of his life to bring Clementine back… In the last scene when Lee sat there with life slowly fading. leave and have to ask Clementine to tie him up in case he turns into a zombie, perhaps gamers still can’t believe that they are about to say goodbye to the character who has been attached to the journey of The Walking Dead. Whether or not she chooses to let little Clementine pull the trigger or not, Lee’s face is truly etched in everyone’s mind even as the series continues without him.



Besides Captain Price, John “Soap” MacTavish is one of the immortal images of the series Call of Duty in general and Modern Warfare in particular. Throughout Modern Warfare 1 and 2 as well as half of Modern Warfare 3, the name Soap has stuck with players through many arduous missions, surviving countless waves of enemy fire.. The image of him standing next to him. Price like creating an immortal weapon that can cope with all forces.


But when they and Yuri thought they had the life of their enemy Makarov in their hands, everything suddenly fell apart. Price is trapped, Kamarov is bombed, Soap and Yuri’s positions explode in the commotion. Severely wounded, Soap is helped by Yuri to a safe position with Captain Price’s support.. But when he arrives, all of Soap’s life seems to be focused on a single sentence.. “Makarov knows Yuri” . And then he just left, leaving a shock and a void in the hearts of gamers.

Fans must still remember Price’s screams when he saw his friend take his last breath, leaving behind endless pain, regret and hatred. The last image of Soap we see is when Captain Price puts an M1911 on his chest – the same gun he used to finish Zakhaev.​

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