Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 5: Guide to the Legion squad – Magic messenger

In Truth Arena season 5, Magician and Legion are two very powerful clans when combined, and one of the strongest offensive formations. Let’s learn how to play this squad through the following article.

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Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 5: Guide to the Legion squad – Magic messenger

Introducing the squad

First of all, we will take a look at the strength of the two main clans in the squad:

  • Legion: Increases attack speed and attacks after using skills will restore health.
  • Magician: When below 50% health, the Sorcerer general gains a shield for a period of time and increases the damage dealt.

It can be seen that both of the above clan effects are attack-oriented. And when combined, they will create a squad with extremely powerful attack power. And with this lineup, the main damage-causing general will be Yasuo – The general who carries both the Legion – Magician clans with the ability to deal a large amount of true damage; along with Kayle at the end of the game to add extra wide area damage.


  • Deals great damage, high attack speed
  • Heals health based on attack
  • Damage dealt is true damage (If using Yasuo as the base)
  • Has a good defense thanks to the shield when low health


  • Poor resistance to damage
  • Needs a lot of attack equipment to exert power

How to arrange the squad

The generals in the squad include:

  • Front line: Rell, Sejuani, Darius, Mordekaiser, Aatrox
  • Midline: Yasuo
  • Following route: Diana, Kayle (Viego at level 9)


Because it is an offensive formation, we will need a lot of attack equipment for the main champion.

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  • Rapid Fire Cannon: Increases attack range, attack speed, and non-missing attacks. This equipment helps Yasuo to stand behind the tank and comfortably deal damage.
  • Gemstone Gloves: Makes Yasuo’s true damage crit.
  • Rage: Increases attack speed and helps Yasuo deal true damage to another target.


  • Razor Blade: Helps Kayle quickly gain great attack speed
  • Angel Armor: Helps Kayle avoid shock damage
  • Gun Sword: Restores health when dealing damage with skills kỹ

In addition, you also need to find equipment for the tanker to make the squad stronger.

Wishing you victory with the Ma Su – Army squad!

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