Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 4: Guide to building a squad of Protectors – U Soul with Riven carrying a very strong team

Season 4 The Arena of Truth Having landed on the Vietnamese server, many players must still be learning about this new season. So today Funny game will guide you to build your squad Protector – U Soul with Riven carry extremely strong teams to climb ratings.

The Warring States – Gods-style squad is hegemony at the CCP season 4

Soul - Guardians are also very "force" aquĆ­!
Soul – The dharmapala is also very “force” there!

1. What is the combined strength of the Guardian and Soul formation?

Dharmapala system:

Early battle, generals Guardian will give yourself and your ally next to a shield in 8 seconds. This shield will be 50% stronger on itself General Ho Phap.

  • 2 Dharma protectors: 125 armor
  • 4 Dharma protectors: 175 armor
  • 6 Dharma protectors: 250 armor

Soul Race:

Chess U Soul will Skill Damage increased for all allies:

  • 2 Soul: Increases Skill Damage by 20% for all allies
  • 4 Soul: 40% more Skill Damage for all champions U Soul
  • 6 Soul: grants 50% Skill Damage to all champions and 100% Skill Damage for all champions U Soul

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Guardian and Soul formation?


  • Huge damage
  • Strong in late game
  • Full no wide area processing
  • Don’t be afraid to meet such long-sleeved formations Witch or Marksman


  • Need standard map for Riven
  • Weak early game
  • Many expensive cards

3. What will the standard formation of the Guardian and U Soul style look like?

Specifically, players will need to have:

4. The position of the cards arranged on the ring

Top row:

Middle row:

The last line:

  • Cassiopeia, Elise, Azir, Thresh


Riven, The team’s carry so the properly equipped will be a tank with a magic item like Giap of Thorns and one Bao Thach Gloves. And indispensable Green Charm then again so she can spam the skill.

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Besides, Kennen Also a pretty damaging card in the lineup. Item for Kennen was Devil Letter with Vong Yin.

At the end of the match when in possession Cassiopeia and Azir, Come up for these 2 cards one by one Spears Let your team get controlled continuously create space to Riven Hurry up and catch the enemy carry team.

5. Note when playing Guardians – What is Soul?

Try to get the green enchantment for Riven because this is required equipment for Riven If you want to be a carry team. With a lineup with lots of expensive cards, the lineup is only really strong at the end of the game. This will cause you to lose a lot of health early in the game. To fix, wear for Kennen Some magic items for this ninja to carry the team before you bleed from the rankings.

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