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The software hacks and cheats to gain an unfair advantage in an engaging and promising online game.

The issue of hacking and cheating software in shooting games has affected many developers, and it even led to the demise of a promising game like The Cycle: Frontier, which went beyond their control.

The Cycle: Frontier was an online first-person shooter (FPS) game with extraction gameplay similar to Escape from Tarkov. Players had to gather scattered items and complete specific missions before converging to escape the war zone. The game was developed and operated by Yager since mid-2022.

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Like any other reputable shooting game, the problem of hacking and cheating quickly emerged upon its release, causing significant headaches for the developers. They employed various strict measures and anti-cheat methods, but it took them a long time to mitigate this issue. However, Yager eventually realized that it was too late to save their beloved creation.

“While we had numerous tools and policies in place to combat cheats, we quickly realized that we needed to bolster our anti-cheat efforts to ensure a fair gaming experience for players,” Yager stated in their announcement. “By the time we were able to bring on new partners to support our anti-cheat efforts and focus on developing content and gameplay for The Cycle: Frontier, too many players had been affected, resulting in a significant decline in the player base.”

Yager assessed that their game no longer had a chance of recovery, leading them to make the decision to shut down The Cycle: Frontier. The game will cease updates after Season 3 and officially close its servers on September 27th. The closure process will include stages such as locking registrations, suspending payment transactions, and providing refunds for recent transactions, gradually implemented until the official shutdown date.

This is undoubtedly a sad ending for a promising game. Hacking and cheating in online games are selfish acts of deceit, where some individuals seek temporary thrills at the expense of ruining an entire game. Not only did they deprive themselves and other players of a quality gaming experience, but also caused job losses and reduced income for many individuals working at the game’s production studio.

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