Synthesize the latest Code of Nhat Kiem Mon 2023 to receive KNB

Enter the latest Code Nhat Sword Gate 2023 to receive Kim Nguyen Bao, Silver, Gem Bag, Eraser Stone, Engraving Stone, Alchemy Than Binh and 10 super-rare High-Quality Seeking Cards, increasing character strength is what most players do. Every Sword Gate wants to. Each code Nhat Kiem Mon provides different random rewards, players should quickly enter it immediately to ensure the progress of character development.

During the time of the game‘s launch, the developer constantly launched events and offers to receive Code Nhat Kiem Mon for free, each giftcode corresponds to a valuable reward. Use them quickly to avoid running out of use or expiration.
– Download link Nhat Kiem Mon for Android new version
– Download link Nhat Sword Gate for iPhone new version

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Synthesize the latest Code of Nhat Kiem Mon

1. Full Code Latest Swordsmanship


2. The Fastest Way to Enter the Code to Earn the Fastest

Step 1: Log in to the web to enter Code Nhat Kiem Mon HERE
Step 2: Choose a game Nhat Sword Gate and log in your account.

the best code ever

Step 3: Next you choose figure and server want to change the code of the game Nhat Kiem Mon.

how to enter the code of the best game kiem mon

Step 4: Select Giftcode => enter Code Nhat Sword Gate => cick Use.
– The reward after changing the code of the game Nhat Kiem Mon will be sent via Letters.

Enter giftcode for the best game kiem mon

– Receive rewards for exchanging Code Nhat Kiem Mon.

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best giftcode kiem mon

3. How To Get The Best Code To Get New Courses

During this time, gamers can participate in the event “Announcing the launch route” to receive a genuine giftcode or race to the top at the game Fanpage and receive special benefits at events for hard fans.
– Homepage Nhat Sword Gate
– Nhat Kiem Mon Fanpage
– Group Nhat Kiem Mon
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at
Nhat Kiem Mon is a 3D MMORPG with the theme of contemporary martial arts, the game will launch 4 major sects including Hidden Sword, Yin Yang, Five Poisons and Dao Hoa for players to worship. In addition, the game equips the user with a satisfying combat function. This is the key factor that helps this product attract gamers.
– The ultimate swordplay super game for the fans of swordplay.
– Rich character system, divided into different factions for you to choose from.
– Daily and weekly activities related to Teams, Guilds, LSVs are extremely diverse and rich for you to try.
– Impressive, eye-catching 3D graphics.
– Login to claim, get VIP 6 immediately.

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