Synthesize the characters’ skills in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a first-person shooter game that appeared on the market, but immediately shocked and created a new fever in the gaming world. The most obvious evidence is that this survival game has reached 10 million players in less than 3 days after its launch.

Apex Legends has a diverse character class, including 8 different legends (8 characters), each legends possesses its own special skill set, appropriate and has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you have downloaded and installed Apex Legends, you will need to know about these characters to make it easier to play Apex Legends.

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List of characters in the survival shooter Apex Legends

Characters in Apex Legends

The characters in this action game are divided into 3 main groups: Attack – Defense – Support (healing, first aid). Each of these characters has their own special skills.


Known as the hunter of the Gods, Bloodhound is known as a great but mysterious figure. No one knows what the name, age or face of this Legend looks like. Just know that, they are extremely rich people and extremely bloodthirsty.

Thanks to the skill of a hunter, this character can easily find traces of the opponent and detect ambushes around. Even while playing Apex Legends, Bloodhound can see through walls and trees or transform into a hunter with fast movement speed and excellent judgment.

Bloodhound skills:

  • Tracker – Intrinsic skills: Trace the enemy’s trail.
  • Eye of the Allfather – Passive skill: See through walls and trees to detect enemies and attack or alert your teammates.
  • Beast of the Hunt – Special skills: Transformed into a Divine Hunter, enhancing all of his senses and speed.


Like a mobile fortress, Gibraltar has a large body and extremely protective. This legend is a great choice and extremely reliable in fierce battles. Thanks to its large body and the ability to create absolute shields (in just 15 seconds), this character is chosen by the most players.

Gibraltar Skills:

  • Gun Shield – Passive skills: When the viewfinder is turned on and attacks, a small shield is automatically turned on, partially reducing the damage taken to Gibraltar.
  • Dome of Protection – Passive skills: Creates a dome-shaped shield. For 15 seconds of existence, this dome will block all attacks from the enemy.
  • Defensive Bombardment – Special Skills: Launches a wave of air strikes on the target area.


With the motto “Never give up is the only way to win”, Lifeline or Ajay Che is a character with extremely rare skills, not only can give emergency aid to your teammates but also speed up healing quickly. more (with yourself and your teammates).

If you want to create synergies and are really not very good at attacking then choose Lifeline and behind your teammates you will be a safe and secure back.

Lifeline skills:

  • Combat Medic – Intrinsic skill: Emergency aid for allies is faster with a wall and can use first aid items 25% faster than other characters.
  • DOC Heal Drone – Passive skills: Creates a special Drone that flies nearby and heals anyone nearby.
  • Care Package – Special skills: Bring a package of high quality defensive equipment.


Bangalore is a professional mercenary, that is why this character’s forte is to attack. Not only agile (especially, the movement speed will be twice as fast when moving while being attacked), agile but Bangalore’s attacks are also extremely precise.

Bangalore Skills:

  • Doubletime – Passive skill: When you are running fast (hold SHIFT) and get hit by a bullet, your speed will instantly increase (for a short time).
  • Smoke Launcher – Passive skills: Creates a special smoke box that, when exploded, will form a wall of smoke to cover the enemy’s eyes for a short time for the player to escape or restore armor and stamina.
  • Rolling Thunder – Special Skills: Call and carry out air raids along the marked area.


Wraith can be considered as one of the most chosen characters to play, not only because the outfit looks pretty … mysterious, but the skill set of this legends is also extremely impressive. To be able to attack Wraith is not easy because you will be detected even if you do not get close enough, even if you can attack, Wraith will easily disappear thanks to the ability to create an instant space portal. .

Wraith skills:

  • Voices from the Void – Passive Skill: Receive voice alerts when there is a danger nearby.
  • Into the Void – Passive skills: When activated, the character itself will be immune and become “invulnerable” for a short period of time.
  • Dimensional Rift – Special skills: Create a teleportation portal (space portal) that can connect any two locations to move and prevent enemy attacks (this portal can last for 60 seconds).


Similar to Wraith, Pathfinder is actually considered a warrior in the Apex Legends survival battle. In essence, Pathfinder is an intelligent robot, created to explore the terrain and survey new lands, but later, it has been upgraded with a number of weapons so it can attack like nuclear layers. other objects.

Some Apex Legends players also claim that because Pathfinder is a terrain surveying robot, Pathfinder is able to detect and predict safe areas and notify teammates. In addition, Pathfinder’s skills also make it easy for this character to escape even while under siege.

Pathfinder skills:

  • Insider Knowledge – Intrinsic skill: Scan the entire map to find the next safe location when the ring retracts.
  • Grappling Hook – Passive skills: Launch the hook to a long distance turret and pull the character out of the attack range of the enemy.
  • Zipline Gun – Special Skills: Creates a “zipline”, which helps yourself and the entire team move at a faster speed.


Considered a mad scientist who likes to test chemical weapons (especially poisonous gases) on living organisms. Favoring the use of poisonous gas, Caustic’s abilities can impact a wide area and deal massive damage. That is why if you want to use this character, the player needs to have Tokens Legend.

Caustic skills:

  • Nox Vision – Passive skills: When using poison gas, not only is poisoned and reduced HP and the opponent also loses vision, but this ability allows Caustic to see through the poisonous gas to attack.
  • Nox Gas Trap – Passive skills: A system of 6 boxes filled with poison gas will spread over a wide area when being shot or triggered by the touch of an enemy. All objects in this area will gradually decrease HP until the smoke dissipates.
  • Nox Gas Grenade – Special Skills: Gas bombs, a homemade grenade, will explode and create poisonous smoke that envelops the space, leaving enemies unable to turn their heads.


The same is the legends that want to get, players need to pay. Like a magician on stage, Mirage has the ability to stealth whenever she wants, so not only can easily escape, but can also destroy targets at any time. However, according to the records, Mirage is someone who likes to joke around with the enemy before defeating them.

The forte of “crook” is to create a multi-dimensional virtual image to deceive the opponent, when the enemy attacks in that virtual image, they will reveal themselves or lose their inherent opportunities and advantages. However, these virtual images are not “smart” so it will need a smart player to create.

Mirage Skills:

  • Encore – Passive skills: Automatically drop hearing (virtual image) and become invisible for a short time (about 5 seconds) after being attacked.
  • Psyche Out – Passive skills: Create virtual images at any time to deceive the opponent.
  • Vanising Act – Special skills: Create a series of three-dimensional virtual images to distract the opponent while yourself will become invisible and disappear.

That is all the information about the character classes in Apex Legends as well as the skill sets of each character. Depending on your habits, hobbies or forte as well as the team’s tactics, you can choose for yourself different characters during the experience of this Apex Legends survival game.

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