Summary of the latest Code N INNOCENCE 2023

The full set of limited Code N INNOCENCE is released from NPH Asobim, for hard-working gamers, providing rare items such as gems, recruiting tickets and ultimate equipment. If you do not act quickly, you will most likely miss these valuable rewards.

You can now join the N INNOCENCE pre-registration campaign in the US and Canada. If enough players are reached, all gamers will receive 1500 gems, equivalent to 10 hero recruits. At the same time, you also have the opportunity to receive Code N INNOCENCE rare from NPH side.

code n innocence

Summary of the latest super rare N-INNOCENCE Code

1. Full Code N INNOCENCE Get The Ultimate Gem

CODE 1: GtHQJgR0S97m
CODE 2: zNeQ7ZFuys
CODE 3: ySYknNb3jO7

– Expired Giftcode N INNOCENCE:

+ QzpU26qGsci
+ vS6i7pIQGKE

2. The Fastest Way to Enter Code N INNOCENCE

Step 1: Log in to the game N INNOCENCEat the main interface click Avatar icon.
Step 2: Press Settings => choose Promo Code.
Step 3: Import Giftcode N INNOCENCE in the empty box and press confirm. You will then receive the gift in the mailbox.

3. How to Get the Latest Code N INNOCENCE

Normally CODE GAME Free N INNOCENCE is only distributed to players who participate in major events. However, there is a way to earn more gems, recruiting tickets, and Giftcode N INNOCENCE on the game’s official homepage or Twitter page.

4. Why Giftcode N INNOCENCE Error Message?

– Maybe because the gift code you used has expired, but the number of the permanent Code is very rare. To fix this error, please check the expiration of the Giftcode N INNOCENCE or reset the game and re-enter the Giftcode again.

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5. Introducing Game N INNOCENCE

– N-Innocence is a new combat RPG that has recently entered beta in the US and Canada. The game possesses a unique combat mechanism with outstanding anime graphics. At the same time, N-Innocence allows players to use up to four different characters at the same time, helping you find different play styles and combos.

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