Summary of Minecraft gaming shortcuts

Similar to Hot games like PUBG Mobile VNG, PUBG, Rules Of Survival, Minecraft also has its own shortcut system to help players control and manipulate more conveniently and quickly.

Minecraft gaming shortcuts

Default keys

A: Go left

D: Move right

S: Going backwards

W: Forward

Space: Dance

Shift trái: Peep

Control trái: Acceleration

Gameplay shortcuts

Chuột trái: Attack (Press 1 time) / Destroy (Hold)

Chuột giữa: Pick up Block

Chuột phải: Use item / set Block

Shortcuts to use Shopping Bags

Q: Dropped the item

1- 9: Select the item according to the position above the Hotbar.

Ctrl + Q: Dropped all items.

E: Open Inventory

F: Change the handle of the object

Shortcuts in Creative Mode (Creative Mode)

2 lần Space: Switch to flight mode in Creative mode

X + 1-9: Load Load toolbar activator

C + 1- 9: Save Load toolbar activator

Shortcut keys in Multiplayer Mode

Tab: Display list of players

T: Open a chat window

/: Open a command prompt (open a chat window and enter “/”)

Other keyboard shortcuts

L: Achievement

F2: Screen capture

F11: Activate full screen mode

F5: Switch between first person, third person front and back third person modes.

Those are shortcuts that can be customized to suit the user’s habits. In addition, you can refer to some of the following non-reinstallable keyboard shortcuts:

Esc: Open Menu and return control to Cursor. Pause Single Player Game. Exit Chat window / enter command.

F1: Toggle the display (HUD)

F2: Use the same F1 to take a screenshot without a HUD.

Chuột giữa: Scroll up and down the Quick bar and Chat bar while they are open.

Shift + Chuột trái: Click an item or Stack and move between Inventory and Stack.

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Shift + Mũi tên lên xuống: In the menu option when playing Multiplayer, use this keyboard shortcut to put a Server name on a special location.

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