Suggestions to build a squad to counter the enemy in coalition chess

Similar to other chess games, Chess also encourages players to build different formations and strategies. But the fact that there are too many professions, factions or general types makes many players, especially newbies, confused about the deployment of the army.

Today, Game fun will suggest to help you build a squad to counter the enemy in the game of Chess. Invite you to consult.

Countering the Gunners formation

Gunners include champions Valhein, Violet, Moren, Capheny The lover deals backline damage and physical damage. Therefore, to counter this lineup, gamers should consider using one of the following lineups

Sniper squad

  • Assassin Squad: Just determine exactly where the opponent’s gunner is, then the assassin can easily jump behind to launch a critical blow
  • Blocking squad: Rely on an enormous amount of armor to counter the ADC’s high physical damage attacks
  • The Mage formation deals high damage: With the ability to accumulate high damage, the mage can quickly defeat the gunners in the back line.

Countering the Mage formation

Mage formation

This is a formation that has a high amount of magic damage plus a continuous skill launch. So, to counter them, you should consult the Demon Hunter squad, which includes generals Errol, Richter, Valhein, Violet. The advantage of this lineup is the increased armor for both teams

  • Enough 2 generals: increase 300 magic armor
  • Enough 4 generals: increase 600 magic armor

Fix the formation that deals constant damage

Formation of continuous damage

The representative representative for a formation that deals small and continuous damage is Azzen’ka And to counter it, gamers should consider using a lineup Guardians includes generals Grakk, Chaugnar, Gildur, Baldum. With a special ability to help teammates heal when accidentally being damaged.

  • 2 champions: 30% 150 health regeneration rate
  • 4 heroes: 50% healing rate for 250 health
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That will help your team to hold out quite well against the squad that deals small, continuous damage.

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