Style “durable and durable”, handcrafted comprehensively with Kayle – Angel of Judgment

Strategy game Arena of Truth Has been released for a while, through many updated versions as well as tweaks, balance the strength of the generals, there are still many types of squads that players can build based on their interests and pros. – the weaknesses of each hero. In the article below, EmergenceInGame shares the line-up around Judgment Angel Kayle in Truth Arena latest version.

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Kayle basic specifications:

Kayle - The Angel of Judgment
Kayle – The Angel of Judgment
  • Race: St.
  • System: Find customers.
  • Price: 4 gold.
  • Blood: 700/1260/2268.
  • Armor: 25.
  • Magic Armor: 20.
  • Attack range: 3 cells.
  • DPS: 48/86/156
  • Damage: 60/108/194
  • Speed: 0.8
  • Critical rate: 25%
  • Skill: Thien Hoa – Step through the realm of Heaven, her attacks are accompanied by waves of fire that cause more 125/200/750 magic damage until the end of the match.

It is not natural that Riot divided the generals with different buying prices, there are rarely any 4 – 5 gold champions that can overwhelm the opponent even at level 1 or 2 stars like Kayle.

Some lineups to refer to around Kayle:

The team building style revolves around Kayle - The Arena of Truth
The team building style revolves around Kayle – The Arena of Truth
  • The Holy Woman Race: Holy Lady hero’s attacks and moves always critically strike targets below 50% health.
  • Ghost Bandits: hitting the target will cause the target to need 40% more mana to use the next ability.
  • Foreign soldier system: You can use gold to upgrade your hero’s skills.
  • The Times are not: Allies gain bonus attack speed per second 10/20/40% with 2/4/6 unit.
  • Secret Service: automatically jumps behind enemy formations, gaining 50% attack speed for the first 6 seconds of the game.
  • Guest Search System: has a chance of launching 2 attacks at the same time.
  • Pioneering system: get more armor.
  • Super Tech Race: Gain stats when attaching any item.
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When to build the Kayle-style lineup?

Team Kayle of this type will tend to attack, so the user needs to possess Wooden Bow, Sword BF in the early game to be able to match up for tanky champions in later stages. Specifically:

  • The beginning of the match: can use formation 2 Time Space, with 3 Super Technology or 2 Tien Phong depending on dignity.
  • Mid-match: Every formation must try to keep the best HP possible, and continue to improve the team 4 Time Space and 3 Search for a Guest.
  • End of game: The team’s main carry at this stage will be 4 star champions: Kayle and Irelia, when the Kayle With mixed damage sources that can quickly blow away the enemy’s front lines, Irelia will finish off the remaining low-health pieces. Therefore, the player needs to level up to level 8 early, upon reaching level 8 and 50 gold, rotate all over to build the formation suggested above.

What equipment for Kayle?

Comprehensive Crafting Kit for Kayle
Comprehensive Crafting Kit for Kayle

Item “durable dress” for Kayle carry here includes:

  • Cannons Lien thanh:+ 30% attack speed, attack range doubled.
  • Hand of Justice: + 10% critical chance, + 10% dodge, +20 early game mana. At the beginning of the formation circle, the champion that uses it will randomly receive 1 of 2 effects: a 50% damage increase or 50 health regeneration per hit until the round ends.
  • Angel Armor: +15 damage, +25 armor. Upon death, removes all adverse states, and revives after 2 seconds with 400 health.

Carry with Kayle in this squad is Irelia:

Irelia: The Super Tech and the Devil - Sword Guest class
Irelia: The Super Tech and the Devil – Sword Guest class
  • Archangel’s Staff: +40 mana at the beginning of the match. Restores 20 mana each time a skill is used.
  • Search infinity: +15 damage, + 20% critical chance. 100% more critical damage added.
  • Secret Detective Claw: + 15% attack speed. The hero used will also belong to the Secret Detective system. It is not possible to mount multiple of these items on the same champion.
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With 2 sets of items for 2 carry as above Kayle can take advantage of the ability from a distance and a sufficient amount of resistance, also Irelia will be enhanced the ability to use the ability, increase the amount of damage to the maximum and stimulate the system with The Secret Claw.

And to achieve the desired effect, the player needs to position the main Carry skillfully, avoid the case of being pulled by the Detective, or Blitzcrank to the “board”, and most importantly, the quantity. stable gold. Besides, it is also necessary to ensure an effective barrier for Kayle to promote the ability to discharge damage from the back row.

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