Stormdivers – Another Battle Royale game with great graphics

Previously, due to the number of players as well as the uncertain revenue, Housemarque turned to making games in a special Battle Royale style. And recently they have also officially entered the beta testing phase and released a brand new media poster, gamers interested in the game can proceed to register to participate in the experience.

Through the trailer, it is easy to see that the basic gameplay of the game still maintains Battle Royale, but this time gamers will not have to face the toxic circle networks anymore, but the super storms around it. Moreover, the combat gameplay in the game is not limited by FPS, but gamers can take advantage of the arrows like rockets behind to move in the air and the weapon in the player’s hand will give see a ballistic trajectory similar to bullet time, making the combat experience more enjoyable.


Stormdivers There are a number of weapons containing nuclear elements, in addition to knives, automatic rifles, rocket launchers and other traditional weapons, as well as futuristic jet airships, hand shields and even weapons has special specificity, including stealth laser and so on. Just like the meaning of the game’s name, the gamer needs to act within the desert boundary and fight with other players until only the last one remains.


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