Soul of Hunter – Monster hunting game with great graphics is about to open Beta

After testing last September, NestEase Games‘ 3D monster hunting game, with excellent image quality, offers dramatic and extremely refreshing hunting experiences, the map in the game is extremely large. In addition, there are many different types of monsters and with a variety of heavy weapons, the game has received a lot of positive feedback from people. In the recent test, the game has also received the attention of the US, Korean and Japanese media, and above all there is the PR of 4Gamer, a famous game news site in Japan. After several months of optimization and upgrading, NestEase recently announced that the game will be reopened on November 24 and conduct a small-scale test. The game will fully upgrade from graphics to combat system, gameplay mechanics, etc..” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

With a free 3D perspective and surreal next-generation graphics technology, the context of Soul of Hunter takes place in a fanciful western world dominated by giant, ferocious monsters. The player’s task is to become the real cassava workers, side by side with teammates to hunt down monsters and destroy them. In addition to the good music, the game is also an RPG game with a rich story like traditional RPG games and can interact with NPCs. Soul of Hunter also integrates the newly designed Voice chat system, chat rooms and social networking systems.


Of course, as a hunting game, the most important thing is still the experience of killing monsters, with a super-wide map, each map has different monsters, and the terrain, plants, and climate are unique, you need to slowly get used to it. There are dozens of monster types with all different types of giants available in Soul of Hunter, and besides that, new monsters will be constantly introduced and updated in the game. Rare materials can be obtained by dismembering and destroying each part of the monster’s body, among them the magic “Hunting Soul”. Both PvE and PvP combat modes in Soul of Hunter are not limited by the player’s level, but allow to try out many different game modes at the same time when entering the world of Soul of Hunter.

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Currently, the game will issue a code every day for everyone to enjoy the game, you can receive the code via wechat by scanning the code below or visit for more information.


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