Sonic Runners Adventure – Gameloft’s addictive super product re-appears Mobile

Thanks to the success of Sonic Maniac on the Steam system, the super-fast Sonic hedgehog has received a lot of positive feedback recently. After more than 10 years of fighting, the legendary character of the series racing game back in the latest game Sonic Runners Adventure do Gameloft perform.


Sonic Runners Adventure for mobile platforms, priced at about 3 dollars (63,000 VND). The game still retains the old auto racing gameplay of Sonic the blue hedgehog, 4 levels with 2 difficulty levels for each level. In addition to Sonic, gamers can unlock other characters, each with their own unique characteristics, up to 9 characters in total.


Collecting enough characters is one of the main goals of Sonic Runners Adventure, because some levels require gamers to own a certain type of character to be able to pass. Besides, gamers can also replay previous levels to complete all the pre-set objectives. Unfortunately now Sonic Runners Adventure no achievement storage and achievement ratings yet, and no external support. These features may be updated in the future but for now gamers only have the base game version.

Although it is still quite simple but Sonic Runners Adventure brings the classic feel of a Sonic game, suitable for fun entertainment. After paying only the initial cost, gamers do not need to pay any other IAPs.

The game has both iOS and Android versions.



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