Some special features of Journey to the West Chi Lo

Activities in Journey to the West extremely rich and attractive that we can check out such as Riding Animals, Phap Bao, Weapons, Wings, Phap Arrays, etc. In addition, a diverse system of copies including advanced copies, single copies with features special attractive blood battle Tran Yeu Thap and Journey to the West Hang Ma imitated the path to the Tay Thien Kinh, traveling from the beginning on the Journey to the West, challenging many types of demons, killing demons on the way to the West. Travel to gain rich rich rewards.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​

Riding Animals
Journey to the West, the mounts are somewhat magical with the starting step being the horse Luu Van Cau, a different image with the horse body, but the head seems to be transformed into a dragon with majestic horns and beard. hero. Gradually through the activities, the player will receive items to upgrade the mount to become stronger with levels from 1 to 12. The image of Poison Red Beads makes everyone afraid, Ice Huyen Tiger, Blood La Bang. , Thien Ngoc Long represents destructive power, players who reach this realm can master in Journey to the West.

The Weapon System helps players not only improve their character’s combat power, but also bring a majestic image so that the enemy will look terrified. The higher the upgrade level, the greater the attributes added to the character will be, the player who wants to upgrade needs to participate in advanced clone activities and Boss hunting and a number of activities according to the daily milestones. Players can also use Single-Quality, which enhances attributes once the upgrade tier has reached its limit.

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Blood Battle Town Demon Tower
The system of Blood Battle Town Demon Tower is designed to help players quickly raise their level while challenging bosses and competing PK with players of other races.

In Monster Tower, players should note that monsters are very strong in different floors, so the amount of experience is significantly high. Along with that, destroying the boss will bring many rare items, consider carefully before choosing the appropriate floor to challenge.


With a series of exciting activities during the day that will take place with Journey to the West, Chi Lo will definitely make players feel no free time. Tam Gioi Chien, Che Ngu Luc Nhi, The World Luc Chien are all features in favor of individual PK and the whole guild to help participants freely roam in the dangerous world of entering ghosts. Through these attractive features, players will have the opportunity to become the dominant ghost in the world Journey to the West.

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