Some information about the classes in survival mode – Battle Royale of Call of Duty: Mobile

Blockbuster Call Of Duty Mobile Officially launched in the Vietnamese market through the publisher VNG has quickly attracted the attention of the gaming community. Global international version of Call Of Duty Although already familiar with many players, but in Vietnam, there are still many people surprised with FPS game on Mobile this. In the article below, let’s learn about the character classes in Survival mode – Battle Royale of the Call Of Duty Mobile – CODM Hey!

What is Battle Royale mode – Mortal Arena in CODM?

Battle Royale mode of survival - CODM's Battle Royale
Battle Royale mode of survival – CODM’s Battle Royale

The battlefield of life and death Call Of Duty Mobile will be activated when the player is playing reach level 8, and also has many similarities with these Strategy game of survival different current. In total there will be 100 players join together in this battle, but the difference is there will be Class – Warrior class different.

Basically, you guys can participate Battle Royale according to the form single player or team with the same team. And the closed process in this mode also includes:

  • Enter the connection waiting room.
  • Parachute.
  • Loot gear, pick up weapons.
  • Fight.
  • Become the last survivor or squad.

How many Classes are there in CODM’s Battle Royale?

1. Scout – Scout:

Due to the most outstanding features of Reconnaissance system This is likely check map, measure the road and detect enemySo it is best to choose Scout if we are playing with a team. Scouts have Active skill – Sensor Dart allowing them to launch sensors placed along the way, effectively detecting enemy movement over a relatively wide range. If the opponent goes into the control area of Sensor Dart then on the mini map will immediately show up red dots.

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Scout Soldier - Scout
Scout Soldier – Scout

Besides that, Passive skills – Tracker will make it easier for scouts to see the enemy’s footprint for a relatively short amount of time before they disappear. And with the above 2 skills, having Scout soldiers in the squad will help the team have an advantage when faced with many surviving enemies.

2. Clown – Special Forces Clown:

An interesting point in this Battle Royale map is that you not only “accompany” the enemy troops, but also have zombies. With Clown soldiers in the team, this will be less worrying because the intrinsic Anti Zombie helps you and your teammates reduce the chance of being detected by the Zombies within a distance of 15 meters, unless the player moves over near them.

Soldier Clown - Commando Clown
Soldier Clown – Commando Clown

Active skills – Toy Robot Clown’s soldier will lure the zombies towards you to throw the robot bomb. Besides, it can also cause the Zombie to automatically attack other enemies near Toy Robot, it’s 1 job 2 work, right?

3. Medic – Military Medicine:

As the name suggests, players who choose this Class tend to “care, take care” of their teammates rather than rushing to kill or eat a lot of lives. Military Medicine’s skill set is also quite special and useful in many cases.

  • Active skill: Medical Station – allows Military Medicine soldiers to create healing devices to help teammates in a blue circle.
  • Passive skills: Master Healer – Help Military Medicine use emergency methods, heal or revive allies faster than any other class.
Military Medicine Class - Medic
Military Medicine Class – Medic

However, the area where Military Medicine heals can be easily detected by your opponent, so you should be very careful when using these skills.

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4. Ninja:

This is definitely a class with quite a high difficulty for many players, as it requires extremely good skill and precision. As the name Ninja: “Fast as wind, light as leaves, brutal as fire and strong as a mountain” with the skill set can be said to be perfect:

  • Passive skill: Dead Silence – There is barely any sound when Ninja approaches an enemy.
  • Active skill: Grapple Gun – Launches an iron hook that clings to the terrain and helps Ninja quickly approach and ambush opponents.
Ninja in Call Of Duty Mobile
Ninja in Call Of Duty Mobile

5. Defender – Guard:

When hitting a team in a style Squad 2 or 4 people should have Defender soldier in formation. As an anti-damage force, active skill Transform Shield Help Guardians to erect a solid shield, against enemy bullets for a period of time. In addition, this shield also makes the opponent dazzle in the blink of an eye, helping your team to quickly conserve forces or counterattack.

Passive skills Reinforced Help Defender himself to reduce up to 25% damage received from weapons (except grenades, sticks or zombies).

Defender - Guardians
Defender – Guardians

6. Mechanic – Mechanical:

With its own characteristics, quite maneuverability and possessing “state-of-the-art technology“, Mechanic is an extremely hot Class in CODM, even in any game mode. Active skills EMP Drone help Mechanic soldier can call out Drone drones has the effect of detecting and quickly detecting enemies in close range. However, these Drones are quite fragile, easily destroyed with just a few shots.

Passive skill Engineer It enables a Mechanical soldier to continue to detect moving vehicles such as vehicles or aircraft over a fairly wide range of 80 meters, whether they are obscured or covered by many other obstacles.

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Mechanic - Mechanic
Mechanic – Mechanic

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