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Some commands in the game Alien Shooter 2 – Conscription

Alien Shooter 2 – Concription is one of the successful versions of the famous action shooter game. You want to use more pro weapons and level up faster, you can refer to more tips “cheating” weapons in this article.

Alien Shooter 2

Join the bloody combat in Alien Shooter 2

The following are the most common commands in the game Alien Shooter 2 for your reference.

Cheate command – command over level:

In the game Alien Shooter 2 sometimes there will be scenes that are too difficult and cause many players to play forever without passing. Therefore, if you have tried it for a long time and still can’t get it through but still want to continue playing the next level, you can use the command “Cheate”. Type this command while playing you will complete that level immediately.

But you should still try to make it through the levels yourself, so that the new interesting surprise is not lost. Only when “squash” is too new to use it, okay?

Cheath command – gives you 1000 health points:

Monsters in the game Aline Shooter 2 extremely crowded and aggressive, on average each level you will have to fight against about 10,000 animals and every 100 appears on the map at once. If you are not quick and skillful, they will attack and suck blood immediately. Many times, you will not be able to resist the massive wave of monster attacks, you can quickly enter the code “cheath “ Leave 1000 more health to continue fighting.

The cheatw command – possesses a full set of guns:

In shooting games, weapons are mainly guns. A large herd of monsters each increase in number while your ammunition and weapons are limited. To avoid being in a dangerous situation and the gun is out of ammo, you can use the cheatw command to help you own all the weapons.

Cheata Command – increase 1000 bullets:

When using the command Cheata Help players own 1000 bullets right away without needing to search.

Alien Shooter 2 conscription

Owning a full set of weapons in the game

Using cheatm command to make money quickly:

You want to own many items and weapons in the game Aline Shooter But the money in the account is depleted? So type the command immediately Cheatm In order to become a “giant” immediately and spoiled for buying and upgrading the items you want!

Code Cheats – speed up the game:

If you were a skilled gamer Alien Shooter 2 Then you can increase the challenge even more by increasing the speed of the game. Use the command Cheats to increase 50 speed skills of the game and show your ability to handle, move!

Cheatf command – support to go in dark areas:

Are you afraid of facing monsters that suddenly jump out of the dark? In the game Alien Shooter 2, players will inevitably have to fight in dark tunnels, or areas with broken light bulbs. Once there, you can use the command Cheatf to own a light.

Alien Shooter 2 conscription

Some other extra commands:

In addition to the popular and useful commands above, players can also refer to and use some other codes as follows:

  • St1: helps you to have 15000 more health
  • St2: Immortal
  • Stammo lets you equip armor.
  • Stkk: Kill all monsters 1000 pixels from the character
  • Stk9: Kill all monsters that appear on the map
  • Stgod: Adds all potentials of 100 or 200+ 50,000 gold
  • Stm or cheatm: Plus 10000 gold
  • Cheatw: Plus 100 bullets
  • Stwnn: Through the screen (this code is used when the secret is not knowing the way)
  • Stshop: Go to the game shop to buy items without waiting through the screen
  • Stmus[x]: Select digital song x
  • Stmusstop: Turn off music
  • Stat: Turns on / off the system
  • Remgamma: Through the line
  • Stexp or cheatexp: Adds experience (exp) to pass the screen

The commands (cheat codes) introduced above are very useful for players in many situations. In Survival mode, these cheat codes have no effect. You should remember that only in case of “urgent” or new practice to use it, so does not lose the excitement and attraction of the game.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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