Should PS4 stand or lie better?

The general question of most newcomers to buying a Sony Playstation 4 console is: should PS4 stand or lie better? Shop would like to have a small tutorial on how to set the best PS4 device for you to refer to!

PS4 should be left standing or lying down

Should PS4 stand or lie better?

Should let the PS4 stand or lie better, it is actually inside instructions included with the PS4 Slim – Sony’s PS4 Pro has an answer that few of you who buy it hard to read through (Genuine PS4 Slim and genuine PS4 Pro come with Sony Vietnamese guide too). Accordingly, the Playstation 4 is designed by Sony so that you can comfortably put it in both directions: standing and lying.

Putting the revenge on the luxuriously designed PS4 living room

All PS4 models from Fat – Slim – Pro are capable of standing or lying down. In Sony’s advertising, often the company often takes the image of the camera standing next to the TV. Many of you are concerned that the PS4 when placed upright will affect the Blueray disc tray to lead to less durable later (Tumor disc, weak eyes due to muscle deflection …).

Leave the PS4 standing or lying down

From the design of Sony, the machine has supported both vertical and horizontal

However, that is just the story of the PS2 era more than 15 years ago when technology was not maximized. And not to mention that the PS2 machines that stood at that time in Vietnam suffered from disk cocoons, often caused by reading copy discs (modchip machine) reduces reading life and blemishes the design for blemishes. However, you should remember, this design is carefully researched and proposed by Japanese engineers, so feel free to keep the device according to your preference and position of the TV:

  • If the TV is on a table, it will be better to leave the PS4 upright next to the TV at the left or right corner
  • If the TV is wall mounted, leave the PS4 on the table, the position under the TV will be more harmonious
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So that means no matter what, it’s okay to put a PS4?

Say that not really, when buying a Playstation 4 you need to pay attention to some of the following issues:

  • If put PS4 stand, need to buy more foot stand for machine. Although you can leave the machine without a stand, it can still stand, but a house with a dog / cat or a child will easily hang up. PS4 stand make the machine more stable and difficult to fall.
  • If put PS4 stand, limit the machine close to the edge of the table. If it is close to the edge of the table, then there should be something next to the table (Eg bookcases, high cupboards) If there is a risk of something happening, the machine is not “face down” floor => The main cause of PS4 hard drive failure, radiator fan failure is falling.

let the PS4 lie

Letting the machine seem more secure …

You see, often the factor “Feng Shui” it makes people more afraid to put the PS4 upright rather than just a technical factor. Therefore, if you find the machine lying down “inferior” More than standing, just note the above problem, not care about the issue of reducing the durability of the machine.

In addition, there is a general note for PS4 machines standing and lying there:

Place the machine at least 5cm from the wall and preferably 10cm. Due to the problem of heat dissipation, the machine will blow hot air backwards, which if you put it close to the wall, it will be difficult to radiate heat. Leads to a long time using the machine for a long time, and it will be easier to damage later. Besides, some of you put it close to the wall (Due to concerns that placing the device close to the edge will fail) This leads to slight damage to the HDMI cable, and if heavy, the HDMI port on the device will be damaged.

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PS4 game room settings

Hopefully, with the above sharing, we can answer the question of whether to let PS4 stand or lie better for you. Buy a genuine PS4 Slim game console, genuine PS4 Pro is warranted and taken care of by Sony Vietnam but keeps it healthy “vu vi” During the years after that warranty period depends on you too!

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