Shop key game must compensate nearly 1 billion for developers

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Some developers say they are carefully considering partnering with resellers key game G2A. In response to the above move, G2A has launched an initiative: the company will pay developers ten times the lost amount for chargebacks related to illegal keys sold on the store.

After that, Wube Software, Factorio’s studio announced that they would accept G2A’s offer. Ten months later, the result was: G2A paid Wube Software $39,600 indemnify for selling 198 illegal game keys on his store.

G2A said Wube is the only company participating in the “limited time” offer. The studio gave G2A a list of 321 keys that were sold illegally, 198 of which were on G2A (the rest were sold on other platforms).


Although G2A initially said it would hire “a reputable and independent auditing firm,” the investigation of Wube’s complaints was carried out by G2A itself. The G2A said that major auditing firms prohibit the publication of audit results: “If we cannot publish the results, the audit will have no effect on us.”

The developer’s aversion to G2A resurfaced last year when No More Robots’ Mike Rose made headlines with the way key game distributors ran ads. Rose writes: “G2A has removed sponsored ads on Google, which means that when you search for our games, you’ll see G2A appear on our and our links. doesn’t make a dime from my games if people buy through this kind of advertising.”

G2A said these findings “confirm what we are certain about that out of more than 10 million transactions annually, we only have 198 illegal keys sold on our site.” But that’s 198 keys out of 321 that Wube considers illegal – 61%, if just taking key sales of a game to impose on every other transaction on the store, this is clearly monstrous.


However, following the Wube Software incident, it appears that G2A will stop offering the offer to pay ten times the cost of chargebacks. “We have made our main point about the seriousness of game key distribution fraud, from now on, we will compensate developers for the full value of the fees. reimbursement regarding illegal game keys sold on G2A Marketplace, if they can prove that the keys are illegal.”

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Would the developers be interested in providing that proof? When G2A suggested creating a “key blocker” last year and called for 100 developers to join the project. However, only 19 developers put pen to write their names on the list above.​

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