Selling second-hand goods at new prices still threatens customers, computer shops are knocked down by netizens

The gaming community seems to be receiving a series of consecutive “tricks” from units computer business. The most typical of them is the fact that a Gear shop in Ho Chi Minh City recently built a “super god” configuration for 40 million VND for a child gamer. But when looking at the configuration details, people had to panic when they saw the Core i3, 8 GB RAM, GTX 1060 graphics card … while going “party” with a super terrible screen 144Hz 2K . This incident immediately stirred up the gaming community and expressed its indignation at the “heartless” build.

The above case has not been completed, yet another similar incident occurred that made the GEARVN community equally painful. There, the victim had to spend 11 million VND for the configuration of the League of Legends – League of Legends player. But when I brought it home, I realized that I could only type max setting text.

And now, another computer business unit has been “unmasked” by the gaming community with fraudulent sales, selling old goods to customers but charged at new prices, the total bill is up to nearly 21 million VND. . After being discovered, the shop owner immediately blamed the staff. The owner of the urgent post posted on the Voz forum to warn other members of the community because this computer shop also used to trade here.


“Buyers, please avoid this place. My sister bought a set for her son to study. Bao bought everything new, but first sent the screen 27 old imported goods. My sister saw that, so she didn’t take it. Their side made an appointment to change the screen for 24 Samsung new. In the afternoon, my sister called me to come check it out and it was an LG screen. Item is full box but has been repaired, still has all the papers of the repair side. Looking through it, even the Asus 1060 3G is also old, warranty 6/2017. Now, there are still chickens and ducks like this. Calling is to blame the employee for the mistake. How can a business survive like this?”

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The computer shop mentioned in the above controversy is Manh Hung Computer at the address Cau Giay, Hanoi. The incident, after posting on the Voz forum, was immediately shared widely across other groups and computer user communities. However, contrary to the attitude of repentance, shame or apology to the customer, the owner of this computer shop directly messaged the owner of the article asking to delete the topic, still continuing to blame the staff and threatened the guy “if you’re not in the game, don’t stick your nose in”.


The above move of Manh Hung Computer made people “wake up” more than ever. As a result, the shop owner constantly received opposite threats from the members, some even blocking the door and throwing stones at the store.


Even, because he was so frustrated with Manh Hung Computer’s attitude and working style, a “Hacker hero” appeared on behalf of the whole community to teach this computer shop a lesson. It was an attack on the sales website of Manh Hung Computer and wrote offensive words about the shop’s PRESTIGE.


Before the fierce attack from the online community, until now, Manh Hung Computer has chosen to remain silent to calm the public opinion wave. This has once again become a memorable warning lesson for this computer shop in particular as well as any computer and accessory business unit that intends to do fraudulent business. Because it is certain that the incident will be discovered, denounced and eventually boycotted by customers, the shop collapse is something that will happen sooner or later.​

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