Secret treasure chest locations in GTA Online

From main questline to side quest, from game mode to races, GTA Online There are many things for players to explore. In addition to the daily quests Online also brings a lot of exclusive gifts in secret treasure chests. If you want to hide the treasure position in GTA Online, this is the place you need to go.

Is one of the biggest updates of GTA OnlineCayo Perico Island is introduced as a paradise for those who can afford a luxury submarine to come here. In addition to secret treasure chests scattered across the island, this place also offers a lot of interesting and challenging quests.

the hidden object of the shadow in the online gta

The coordinates of the Secret Treasure Chest in GTA Online

Interesting point of island Cayo Perico in GTA Online this is the player cannot see its map, unless you set foot on the island and the map will appear automatically. Below are detailed information of all the locations of the secret treasure chests on the Cayo Perico island in GTA Online, the amount of the bonuses can be obtained from them.

– The first secret treasure chest will lie around the pier under the water, the centerpiece of the island of Cayo Perico in GTA Online.
– Another secret chest somewhere among the Landing Strip.
– In addition to the 2 fixed locations above, the locations of most remaining secret treasure chests in GTA Online will be random changes in the player’s mapThis means that these chests will be randomly placed but mostly around the banks of the Cayo Perico island, as shown in the image below (red dots).

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The hidden object of the shadow in gta online 2
After finding secret treasure chests in GTA Online, when you open them you will receive $ 15,000 GTA. In addition, Rockstar also has an extra bonus for players who can find more than 5 secret treasure chests in the game. On the Cayo Perico Island, there are also a number of interesting places to explore such as the power station, the control tower, the refueling truck, the basement, and more.

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