Rumor has it that Spider Man will also appear in a separate movie about the villain Venom

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Although the villain in ‘s new movie SonyVenom appeared in the manga version of Spider-ManHowever, at the beginning of the plan, the producer still did not mention whether Spider-Man will appear in this movie or not? Fans are looking forward to seeing their superhero return to the screen and confront this dangerous villain. Recently, the foreign media has been in the news Spider-Man will be officially revealed in his own movie Venom.


After many years of franchising to Sony Pictures then Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) is a movie with the meaning of restarting the project Spider-Man of the Marvel. Before Sony and Marvel also said Venom will not belong to the cinematic universe Marvel so everyone speculated that this villain would no longer have anything to do with Spider-Man like in the comics. But with the new news being released, it still seems likely that Spider-Man will appear as a supporting actor in the villain’s own movie. Venom. This is exactly what the fans are looking forward to. Fans are curious whether the teenage Spider-Man can hold back this dangerous villain?


In the movie Venom will bring together Edward Eddie Brock and Flash Thompson, the two former hosts of Venom “blended”. In version Marvel Comics, Edward Eddie Brock is a reporter and frequent rival to Peter Parker. After being exposed to the parasite, Edward became the first host of Venom. Flash Thompson, a high school friend of Peter Parker, lost both of his legs while participating in the war in Iraq. Flash Thompson is the fourth and official owner of the Venom substance at the moment, which gives him his legs. Venom are a type of parasitic living organism called Symbiotes from a distant galaxy in the universe. They travel from place to place with the aim of finding life to survive and develop, they live parasitically on the host, control the host to find prey, after a time if the host is weak. gradually and lose their vitality, they will immediately separate to find another host to survive. Venom is a super villain under his command Marveland has also become a villain symbol associated with the image of a superhero Spider-Man.


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