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Rules Of Survival: Will the same team with Hacker get locked out of the account for 24 hours?

During the update on May 9, NetEase has drastically reduced a large number of cheating players by immediately blocking accounts using third-party software that log into the game for the first time. But it seems that locking out hacking accounts is still not able to diminish the strong will of the gamers and forget the sense of being at home.

ROS Hacker

Many players have recently locked their accounts within 24 hours without knowing the reason for the ban, although they did not use fraudulent software before, investigating to find out the cause of the account lockout. by these people … teaming up with cheaters.

ROS Hacker

According to Rules Of Survival, this is also a form of indirect cheating in Duo, Squad or Fireteam mode when they do not use cheat or hack tools but take advantage of teammates using cheating software. to climb the rank, although playing normally, if you go with a hacker, it is clear that these “followers” still have a clear advantage.

The players receive notification requesting an appeal. If the appeal process is successful, you can continue playing the game right after, otherwise accept your fate, wait until the penalty period is over before you can continue playing the game.

ROS Hacker

The player in the same team with the cheater can be unintentional, but it can also be intentional, during the game, if you go with your teammates, it is possible to know who uses cheating tools and who does not From there you can choose to exit the game or continue playing as teammates with the cheater.

If you are not near any of your teammates, you must regularly monitor the kill table to see if any teammates kill abnormally many enemies. But to track kilometer charts is also very difficult because you also have to focus on surrounding factors such as loot items, combat, vehicle search …

ROS Hacker

There are some gamers who claim that their account was banned by shooting into a BOT – a form of NPC that NetEase sends into each match does not have enough real players. These BOTs have the feature of being very “Chicken” and only operate in a very mechanical way, in addition, the BOT also serves the publisher to detect errors arising in the game so that it can be fixed. , to avoid the case of gamers taking advantage of errors to perform BUG – a cheating act without using cheat or hacking tools.

And yet, the BOT also supports the publisher to help identify those who knocked it down as true gamers or cheating players through indicators such as damage, shooting distance that the player inflicts.

ROS Hacker

In addition to being dissatisfied because his account was locked for no specific reason, Rules Of Surival gamer directly raised the inadequacy of NetEase in the anti-hacking system. Specifically, fraudsters using hacking tools can directly counter reports of other gamers. That’s why the Cheater phenomenon is still alive, but true gamers “die like bugs”.

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