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Rules Of Survival: The most destructive weapons

In Rules Of SurvivalIn addition to the normal weapons that often appear on the map such as rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, pistols, submachine … we also have weapons considered heavy in Rules Of Survival They are considered destructive weapons because of their high lethality, powerful strength and great effect range.

You can use them to deal with enemies hiding in difficult locations to see and attack, that is in tall buildings throughout the map in the game, enemies lurk in here if equipped. An assault rifle fitted with silencers was a disaster for those outside.

So now you will need heavy weapons in the game, but the way to make them in Rules Of Survival is not easy, the article below will introduce you to the weapons. The most powerful in the game and where to find them.

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The most destructive weapons in Rules Of Survival:

1. RPG

Rules Of Survival

Without a doubt, the RPG is definitely one of the heavyweights in the game, a long-range attack weapon with destructive power in Rules Of Survival. But its downside is very cumbersome and takes up quite a lot of space in your backpack, so find a safe hiding place and use it on enemies who are indoors.

Rules Of Survival

And if you are outside, you should not use this anti-tank gun, because at that time the enemy will not have limited movement, and if you hit the bullets, your enemy will not be fully affected by 100% of the explosion. RPG’s warheads cause. In addition, the RPG is only equipped with a single warhead, and the reload time is long, so consider using an RPG when the enemy is out of the house.

Besides destroying enemies indoors, RPG is also a suitable weapon to destroy a moving vehicle, one thing you must be sure to stand in front of a rushing vehicle to fire the RPG, also with every other shot it will be very difficult for the enemy to take the bullet. RPGs you will earn on the map, but the level of appearance is only about 5%, I’ve played nearly 200 games and have never been able to pick up RPGs on both maps.

2. M32 Grenade Launcher

Rules Of Survival

This is the first grenade launcher Rules Of Survival updated in the game, very effective to use to destroy enemies hiding in the house, although the damage and speed are not like RPGs, but the advantages of M32 is being able to shoot grenade-like shots consecutively over a specific range. You can destroy an entire team of 4 people hiding in the same position with just 3 shots.

Rules Of Survival

The downside of the M32 is that these guns are very rare in Rules Of Survival, they only appear in the supply box and the ammo count is also there. You cannot find their bullets on the map, furthermore, if you shoot consecutively you will have to use your mind-pinching skill so that the bullet doesn’t get out of the target because the M32 is very jerky, and one thing that Perhaps all gamers are not fond of M32, that is it can cause damage to teammates. What a true destructive weapon.

3. M249

Rules Of Survival

This is also a type of weapon that is considered close to the heavyweight in Rules Of Survival, although it does not have as great destructive power as the RPG, does not have the level of destruction like the M32, but M249 has the characteristics that the two weapons above have. OK.

First, the M249 has the advantage of being the most ammo in the game, with 100 bullets in the box, gamers don’t have to stop fighting midway to reload while in battle, moreover this gun is equipped with all types of tubes. even the x8, plus the damage is good, the range is quite far so that gamers can turn it into a light sniper rifle. It’s easy to master the situation if you’re dealing with an enemy indoors.

Rules Of Survival

The downside of this gun is quite jerky and very rare, M249 only appears in the supply box, Rules Of Survival recently released the M32 grenade launcher and also stuffed it into this crate, making the game Player has less chance to approach M249.

4. Thompson

Rules Of Survival

It may sound surprising, but this submachine gun will be able to resist and help you control the situation unexpectedly, with up to 45 bullets, not to mention the extra ammunition box will be 60 rounds, plus adds stability, easy to search on the map, and incredibly fast fire rate. Thompson can completely help you confront the enemy without flinch.

Rules Of Survival

But its downside is the range, since Thompson’s effective distance is only 20m items, and above that it is very difficult to damage enemies, so consider if use Thompson at a distance. There’s also a similar gun that is the P90, but it’s pretty rare compared to Thompson.

5. Grenades

Rules Of Survival

Well, this is also a very effective weapon if you know how to combine, there are two types of grenades that deal damage and 3 other types to assist you when fighting, if you collect about 3 to 4 grenades. explosions or gas bombs, thrown continuously into the house, the enemy will have a hard chance of survival. And if they can’t stand it and run out, then use the guns you have to destroy them.

Rules Of Survival

As for the support grenades you can use to cover the enemy’s eyes, stun, at that time take advantage of destroying the enemy, you will be surprised with the effect it brings. However, the downside to using is that you have to stop using the gun to align the throwing angle, if at this time the enemy sees you, your chances of survival are only less than 1%.

Those are the most destructive and overwhelming weapons in Rules Of Survival, if you are lucky enough to get them, take advantage to make a lot of kills for yourself.

Good luck!

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