Rocket Arena game tips from the developer itself

The developers of Rocket Arena have shared some tips and tricks for playing this action-packed 3v3 shooter to help players conquer glorious heights. Therefore, do not miss!

You did not enter the championship Rocket Arena only to get second place. You are here to win the trophy. To make it easy for you to achieve that goal, the Final Strike Games development team has shared some Rocket Arena gameplay tips and tricks, showing you how to overcome all obstacles to reach the final victory and avoid being lost. blown out of the arena.

rocket arena game guide

How to play Rocket Arena from the developer

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Tips to play Rocket Arena from the developer itself

1. Move by rocket


Rocket Launcher aka anti-tank missile, rocket launcher is not simply a weapon. It also gives you a quick way to move around in the arena. Normally, shooting in the foot is definitely a bad thing, but not here, shoot into the ground to jump with rockets as far as you want and you can also climb walls with rockets when shooting at walls. Just point the barrel slightly downwards and you’ll launch yourself upwards. Once you’ve mastered this movement, you can reap the benefits of vertical exploration.

2. Getting kicked out of the arena but that’s not the end

Rocket Arena game for beginners

Remember, no one dies in Rocket Arena. Your goal is to take down enemies on the map. Attacking an opponent will send them flying into the air. The stronger the attack, the farther the enemy bounces into the air. You can KO enemies by pushing them into Arena Bounds or Megablasting them. It also means that you should consider where you’re going in advance – try to avoid loitering near Arena Bounds, where enemies can easily attack you. If defeated, don’t worry. You will automatically return to the fight. In the meantime, take the time to plan your next move and think about all the mistakes that led you to this end. Promise yourself that you will do better next time.

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3. Smash enemies out of the arena

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Attacking an opponent increases their Blast Meter. The higher the Blast Meter, the farther they fly when taking bullets and the longer they stay stunned. When stunned, the player cannot use their skills. The duration of the stun depends on the level of the Blast Meter and the amount of damage dealt by the enemy.

A full Blash Meter will cause the opponent to fall into the Megablast Danger. A player in Megablast Danger only needs a small amount of damage to be sent flying out of the arena at high speed. Megablasting an opponent also looks cool and satisfying.

4. Take advantage of the Dodge skill

meow and lose the rocket arena game

Obviously, being hit by a missile is something no one wants. Luckily, you have the ability Dodge (dodge) that makes you invulnerable and makes rockets fly right through you. You can also use the Dodge skill to escape the Hit Stun (stun). Knowing how to take advantage of the Dodge skill can make a big difference, so don’t forget to use it when the opportunity arises.

5. What makes you special?

how to play rocket arena battle royale

Not everyone can compete in the Rocket Championship Tour. There is something special about every hero in the arena. Each competitor has its own Primary, Secondary and Special ability. Others have unique moves that are tied to their jumps. And most Special skills will reset the hero’s aerial jump, which you can use to save yourself from being KOed. Since everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, rockets and powers, it’s best to step into Practise Mode to learn about any new hero.

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The tips above aren’t everything, but they should be enough to get you started. If you’re in the mood for more learning, visit the developer’s website for more useful information.
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