Rise of the Kings: Tips for beginners

Rise of the Kings is a good strategy game with many surprises. The article will guide you how to play Rise of the Kings for beginners.

If you are passionate about kingdom building, you should definitely not ignore it Rise of the Kings. The game has many different levels and challenges. If you are just starting out, you may have a little difficulty choosing characters, how to upgrade soldiers in Rise of the Kings and more. Don’t worry, this article will make it easier for you to enter the game of Rise of the Kings.

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Rise of the Kings: Tips for beginners

Quickly join an alliance

One way to speed up base building and make sure you don’t get caught as soon as you play Rise of the Kings is joining an alliance right away. Embassy is a building that allows you to find alliances, communicate with other players. Embassy is available at Castle level 5.

Join an alliance in Rise of the Kings

The quick tip of finding alliances with active members is the willingness to accept new players. Doing this is not too difficult if you show interest in the game while sending chat messages in the global chat group. If used Quick Join from the Alliance menu, you can enter a group of mostly offline players. Remember, your teammates can’t help you if they’re never online.

Push the castle to level 15

In general, you have 2 ways to experience this base-building mobile game: play it slowly or quickly to reach a high level Castle. You should push the castle to level 15 as soon as possible.

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Level up your castle as soon as possible in Rise of the Kings

Once you reach this level, you will have to unlock all available buildings, including Iron Mines, Silver Mines. Then, you can use them to build resources. You need a lot of materials to develop your base and should start collecting as soon as possible.

Complete quests according to the storyline

Many mobile games in the same genre as Rise of Kings often offer a series of main tasks that you must ignore if you want the best for the base. However, Rise of Kings is different.

Join the quest in Rise of Kingdom

Rise of King mainly requires you to build and upgrade structures needed to reach the next Castle level and maintain an elite army in the process. In addition, the reward you get is also very generous.

Get free resources and plugins

Rise of the Kings does not require you to create and store multiple resources for each Castle upgrade. That means you don’t have to pay to develop your baseā€¦ at least until you reach a higher level.

Better yet, visit the game regularly and just be online for at least 20 minutes a day you will get more resources, gems, and boosters to speed up construction & research.

Assign specific tasks to each hero in Rise of the Kings

Continuously train soldiers

Although the construction of dozens of field hospitals could reduce the damage of soldiers in battle, casualties were still unavoidable. An active player usually joins the fight as soon as the opportunity arises. Therefore, you should train your army continuously to avoid casualties as low as possible. This is also one of the ways to upgrade soldiers in Rise of the Kings.

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There are 4 main soldier training buildings in Rise of the Kings. Try to keep the soldiers busy or practice hard whenever possible. Also, don’t forget to Workshop if your kingdom has been attacked recently because you need to add traps.

Hero in Rise of the Kings

Another useful Rise of the Kings game trick

  • Use wise heroes in each mission and improve their strength with certain drugs or tools.
  • Play on Rise of the Kings on PC via BlueStacks emulator if you want a better entertainment experience on the big screen.

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