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Dear Friends Please Stop Step is a general card role-playing game with familiar gameplay, the context of the colorful Eastern mythological world, especially Daoist Please Stop Step is a combination of content from famous novels. including Journey to the West, Phong Than Bang and Son Hai Kinh. So, what’s so special about Daoist Please Stop Step, let’s read the game review Daoist Please Stop Step below to understand more about the game.

Ancient elves, easy to collect; Simple operation, rich game modes; Classic character system. Here are the Review game Dao Friends Please Stop Step detail.

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Review game Dao Friends Please Stop Step

1. Introducing the game Dao Friends Please Stop Step

The player’s task in the game Friend Please Stop Step is to collect the Fairies, Holy Beasts to fight with ancient sealed beasts and rescue humanity. The game offers a diverse store of generals, spoiled for choice, many benefits for players, and the way to control and foster generals is quite simple. The game also has interesting features such as combo attacks, multiplier damage, rich game modes for players to experience, and extremely skilled PK field arrangements.

2. Rate the game Dear Friends Please Stop Step

2.1 – Familiar card gameplay, simple but colorful 2D graphics

Dao Friends Please Stop Step is a game that owns a familiar card game, so many gamers will easily approach it from the beginning. Revolving around the collection of champion cards from all over, the players of Daoist Xin Stop will win for themselves their favorite champion cards and then gradually foster and strengthen the characters to overcome challenges, complete the missions. missions in the game.

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Shape the characters in the game in a simple 2D graphic style, the chibi image is lively and lovely, but still exudes a majestic appearance, in addition, this toy still reproduces the vivid combat effects.

2.2 – Diverse general store, the appearance of classic characters

Dao Friend Xin Stop Step with a huge stock of generals, divided into 4 races including Human, Dao, Buddha and Love with different roles, both mutual and incompatible with each other. You will see classic characters in novels and movies such as Sun Wukong, Buddha To Tathagata, Jade Emperor, Na Tra, Hau Nghe, Hang Nga and hundreds of other familiar fairies. They will become your own powerful warriors for you to arrange into a battle formation with up to 6 generals.

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2.3 – Unique game mode, many interesting features

Although Friend Please Stop Walking in a long story mode, gamers will be supported to shorten many processes by inheriting 100% of equipment and resources, so you can cultivate right away. New angels appeared. Other unique game modes include Amendment, Tam Bao, Tien Minh, Coalition to fight, Dou Phap and a rich sub-system. The game recreates a colorful wonderland that any gamer wants to explore.

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Our review of the game Dao Friends Please Stop Step above has described the best features of the game’s content and gameplay, hope you will love this new game. Here is the link to download the game for the mobile platform.

3. Link to download Dear Friends Please Stop Step

Download the game here to join your friends.

– Download link Friend Please Stop For Android
– Download link Friend Please Stop For iPhone

4. Game Code Dao Friends Please Stop Step

The first rare Friend Please Stop Step codes have been updated to gamers by TAIMIENPHI, enter the code to play the game right away and don’t forget to follow our article to receive more codes.

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