Revealing Miss Tru Tien 2019, the world’s most talented and talented beauty

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Thus, the time it takes for 86 candidates of Tru Tien 3D The contest for the title of Hoa Khoi has ended. A single contestant was named, a new Miss was born, the daughter alone received more than 4000 votes to be able to host the highest position of the contest “Miss Tru Tien 3D 2019”. “.

New Miss Tru Tien 3D 2019 – Love Flower.

It is known that this girl, despite her young age, has a great passion and ambition for modeling and acting. Specifically, during the 18-day period of the event, the girl whose ingame name is Yeu Hoa (real name: Vu Nhu Quynh) officially won the prestigious Miss Tru Tien title. With her own 4660 votes out of a total of more than 20000 turns (calculated by the number of votes of 86 candidates) Yeo Hoa has won for herself the title of Miss that has never appeared in the world of Tru Tien before. 3D.

Love Flower – Vu Nhu Quynh won the title of Miss Tru Tien 3D after owning nearly ¼ of the total votes of Tru Tien 3D.

Love Flower or Vu Nhu Quynh is one of the famous young faces in Hanoi, right from the moment she attended Orient University, she immediately attracted the attention of many people. students at the school when they won the position of Top 5 Oriental Talents. Not only that, Yeo Hoa is currently participating in another beauty arena called Miss Capital and has a great opportunity to go deep into the inner circle of the contest. Sharing about her hobby, Yeu Hoa said that in addition to her passion for the game Tru Tien, she also hopes to become a model and a professional actress in the future.

In order to nurture her passion to become a professional actress, Yeu Hoa actively asked for small roles in sitcoms to forge herself.

Having played Tru Tien 3D game since its launch, until now, with 2 years of working with Love Flower, you will have the opportunity to win a beauty title in the world of Tru Tien 3D.

Let’s take a look at a few pictures of the daily life of the new Miss Tru Tien 3D 2019:

The beautiful rustic face of the new Miss Tru Tien 3D 2019 makes many female gamers admire.

Tan Hoa is very beautiful in a traditional Ao Dai.

In addition to her time at school, Yeu Hoa also accepted to be a photo model to pursue her passion.

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Adapted from the fanciful fairy tale based on the work of the same name by writer Tieu Dinh, Tru Tien 3D has classic details and the game’s content is reproduced as closely as possible with the novel – action version. The process of growing up as an ordinary teenager in a fantasy world.

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